Weekly poll #47: Besides sex, what is your GREATEST need from your husband?

Sorry, ladies!  Better late than never!


  1. Without grace and forgiveness, the other things don’t really matter to me. Better communication was a close second. DH does well with non-sexual physical touch. They are all important, but G&F is my greatest need.

  2. what I feel like is the greatest need changes I think, based on what I don’t get much of right now. Right now it’s sex, which wasn’t an option, followed by plenty of non sexual touch (I’m not a touchy person but I’m starvin for it from him)…
    But hard to answer for all-time. Probably date nights would be a better answer for me. Oh well.

  3. I love to be petted and stroked. Have my hair played with. My back stroked/scratched. I love the touch. He is very good about holding me during the night and I love it! He doesn’t let me get too far away.

    Thanks again for this website!

  4. For me , if there isn’t signifigant QT then I have a hard time wanting to be nice, or have sex or even hear what he has to say. i have always been a jealous person. Having said that I am fine with time spent with a friend or working or home improving, BUT when it is those things that squeeze me out I tend to pull back and make and make plans and act like a shrew.

  5. I voted non-sexual physical touch. I have to remind my hubby that I need it. To me when there is plenty of loving touching going on, hugs, kisses, hands on the shoulder, rubbing, etc., that helps facilitate loving feelings and us feeling connected. Then grace, forgiveness, and communication are easier to come by too. 🙂

  6. I voted time. My husband is now on his surgery rotation in med school and is working 14 hour days, 5 days a week, plus half days on Saturdays!

  7. It’s a tie between nonsexual touch, quality time and better communication. When I have those three from him the physical intensifies to an incredible level for both of us. When any of them are missing we grow apart emotionally and physically. While we were dating we had plenty of all three, but they seem to slip his mind once he slipped the ring on my finger. Thankfully he is more than willing to work on it and encourages me to remind him when his attention trails off.

  8. I voted His Time but that needs to be coupled with Better Communication. We’ve discovered that we speak significantly different languages. Part of that is the male/female – linear/circular thing but I am also convinced that part of it is left-handed/right-handed thing too. Whatever it is, we have room for improvement.

  9. I think I need the physical touch too lately, but he just isn’t willing to give it..unless he wants SEX!! We are going thru crap right now and I just feel so disconnected with him 😦

  10. I was going to say take out the trash. Maybe thats not the most romantic though?

  11. My DH is great at everything on that list…except communication. I feel like we are two foreigners living in the same house at times, because of how differently we speak. It can be frustrating, but I certainly give him Kudos for doing so great at everything else. If I only have one thing to complain about, maybe I shouldn’t! 😀

  12. My DH is not verbal; I need to HEAR he loves me and that he thinks I’m beautiful to him. I know he does, but i still need the verbal affirmation.

    btw – our marriage was at a crossroads when my awakening came – I cannot express He how much this has changed both of us. We are back! He does things for me spontaneously again…like moving the birdbath, pulling up dead trees – without me asking (demanding!). Dr. Leman (Sheet Music) was right – he wants to do things for me. MY change came first – and I will never, ever go back to the repressed me. HIS change followed, purely incidentally. (And I will never take that for granted, either!)

  13. Besdies sex, my husband has a need for me to look my best. He loves it when I dress up for our date nights. When we are out with friends he takes pride in how I look. He likes looking at me and I like it when he does.

  14. I HAD to say more non-sexual physical touch. I feel bad always having to remind him, but I need to communicate my needs.

  15. Don’t feel bad reminding, Liguania. As long as it isn’t done in a nagging way, he probably appreciates it. I know my husband would much rather me remind him than wait until I am upset and bitter about it to say something! 🙂

  16. well, my awesome DH is good at all of these but if i had to pick one it would be better communication……we talk dont get me wrong, he just doesn’t share his feelings as quick as i think he might so times 🙂 …. like telling me this feelings wwwwaaayyyy after the fact.

  17. Loyalty/faithfulness

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