Monday’s Mission #102

Your mission this week is to find a way for your husband to discover a hidden love note from you. Maybe you want to stick it in his briefcase or lunch kit. Or maybe he could find it in his car or nightstand. Plant the note somewhere and make him smile.


  1. I do this a lot anyway, it’ll be hard to think of someplace new! A good one is notes on the mirror!

  2. I like to write in the steam on the bathroom mirror after I shower, then when he showers and gets out, the message is there for him.

  3. My soon to be hubby left for a class for work and i left him a note on his cell phone and a reminder on his calender to look at it. He will be so suprised!

  4. the kid’s bathtub crayons are useful for this purpose also!

  5. So clever!

  6. We have a dry erase marker in our bathroom that I’ve used to write notes on his mirror. It cleans off really easy, with glass cleaner.

  7. Put a stick-on note INSIDE one of his boxers / underwear. And then, just as he is getting dressed, he finds it …
    Also put a note in his jacket / back pocket and then text him and tell him where you left it for him….
    Or just text him.
    Once I made a trail of notes… one on the door as he came home… one on the passage door…. one on the steps… one on the guest room’s door and one on ME… on the guest room’s bed… I did send him a text before he came home and told him to ‘follow the leads’ there is waiting a treasure at the end of the trail…. and then I tied a red ribbon around my waist and waited for him on the bed with a note: JUST FOR YOU tied to the ribbon…

    I have found that with my hubby that focusses on one thing at a time… he needs a bit of help / a reminder that there is a sexy note for him. Or else I will be waiting expectantly for him to discover it and he is not even aware that it ts there šŸ™‚ LOL – that is why I text him where the note is…

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