Weekly poll #52: Your most creative way to ML with kids around

We all know that locked doors and plopping the kiddos down to watch Barney while you have a quickie are widely used methods to ML while the kids are in the house.  Grandparents or babysitters taking the kids out or watching the kids while you go out are also awesome….but my question for you this week is….

What is your most CREATIVE way to ML while the kids are around?

Post it in the comment section below!

Monday’s Mission #106

Your mission this week is to look ahead and think about what special things you and your husband could do this summer. You don’t want to look back and realize the summer went by without enjoying some of the benefits of nicer weather and, perhaps, a little more time off. Maybe you want to plan a camping trip or some day trips. Hiking or time at the beach. I encourage you to be intentional about a fun-filled summer. 🙂

Q&A: What will he think?

We had an email come in from a reader who is engaged to be married, and she asked…

I’m getting married this November and besides the obvious nervousness regarding having sex for the first time (the “ouch factor”), I am incredibly nervous about him seeing me “down there.”  I was “blessed” with a lot of hair down there… and everywhere.  I’ve talked to my fiance briefly about this subject and have told him about my nervousness.  He reassured me that he loves me and thinks I’m beautiful no matter what, but I can’t stop freaking out about it.  I  was wondering if you had any tips on calming down about it or something that will help with the issue…?

This is a legitimate concern, especially for someone who is saving herself for her spouse.   Each of us has gone through puberty and watched our bodies grow and change.  We watched as our body grew hair in areas we didn’t know that we would.  It’s been our own private areas for so long.   Now as you approach your wedding, the thought crosses your mind…”What will he think?”

Not only about your pubic hair, but what will he think about me naked?  What will he think about my performance when we first make love?  Dear ones, if you have chosen to be equally yoked to a loving Christian man, he will love you like Christ loves the Church…just as you are.

If you are really worried about what he will think, this is a perfect time to start working on your communication skills with him.   Tell him your fears of what he will think about you when he sees you for the first time.  Ask him about his expectations of your first time together.  Ask him if he has any concerns or reservations on what YOU will think of him.   Take the time to lovingly answer each others questions and concerns.  This is the time to start setting up the foundation for your entire marriage, and talking through what you are thinking and what you could do to make your first time together a wonderful and relaxed experience for you.  Ask him how he would feel if he saw you as you are.   Ask him how he would feel if he saw you bare in that area.   Then talk about what you are comfortable about doing and come up with a compromise.

Now, if you think you are overly endowed with hair, there are many different things that you can do.  A Brazillian wax is an option.   Many women shave them self and have a routine of how often until they shave again.   I know women who shave their pubic area daily.  These depend on how you and your future husband feel about having a bare pubic area.  Some like it.  Some don’t.  Myself, I started with just trimming the hair in that area shorter.   You can trim with scissors or hair clippers once every few weeks.  Nice thing about trimming is it grows back if you aren’t comfortable with how short you trimmed the first time, so you can have time to practice getting it right.   I shave myself and then l trim a small triangle area.   I shave the hair on my inner thighs weekly.  I keep it trimmed to help avoid sweating and yeast infections.  My hubby….he wishes I would keep it shaved bare, but I am not comfortable with that, so I keep it trimmed short in compromise.  The thing I like about trimming is I also avoid the itch factor…now my friends out there who shave will offer advice I know on how to avoid the itchiness of hair growing back, but that is something to consider.

We have a few other articles on shaving that were already written.  You can find them here and here and here.

It is my hopes that by opening this topic to our readers that our readers may also share some of their experiences.   Unfortunately, I hadn’t saved myself for my husband, so he got a sneak peak before we were married, but I am sure there are other ladies out there that have been in this reader’s shoes and could offer some advice.

Ripped Panties (A Tutorial)

One thing that can be really passionate in the bedroom is having your husband RIP your panties off of you just before you make love.  But sometimes the fabrics are too hard to rip and sometimes your panties are too expensive to throw away!  If you are interested in adding this spice to your bedroom, then listen up to some quick and easy tips that will make it easy for you and your husband!

First off, you need to find some sexy panties (thongs work the best but any kind will do) really cheap.  Make sure that you KNOW they will fit you well, and then buy lots of them.  I found some lacy thongs on sale one time for $1/each.  There were just tons of thongs all thrown on a large display table in the middle of the lingerie dept.  I think I bought 25 or so that day!

Now, once you get home, put a pair on and stand in front of the mirror.  Imagine that you and your husband are making out and you want him to be able to just RIP those panties off of you so that you two can make passionate love!  In order to make it easier for him (and to make sure that he doesn’t hurt you in the process) you need a pair of fingernail clippers or scissors.  A knife will work but fingernail clippers or scissors work better.

You start out with a pair of panties.

Mint Green Thong

Then you want to cut one side of them to the point that they are just holding together by a couple of strings.  It makes a very discreet cut that is barely noticeable.

Top left side cut.

Thongs are the easiest, but you can also do the same exact thing to other types of panties.  Here is a pair of black lacy boyshorts:


I cut them from the bottom up to the top, because I will need the waistband to help them stay on me.  I did it on the left side because my husband is right handed.

Cut up the left side.

But I did cut part of the waist band and left it hanging on by just a couple of strings, so that it would be easy for my husband to rip them off of me:

Up close view of cut.

Doing the above steps will still allow you to wear your undies on your date or special night.  You just leave enough of a waistband to hold them on you.  But you cut enough of them to make it easy for your husband to rip them off you in the heat of the moment.

What would be fun is to do the above steps without telling your husband.  (you may want to make a cut on the left and right sides to make sure that whatever side he grabs will rip) Then when things are heating up , you simply tell him something like “Rip off my panties and take me now!”  (or something to that effect) and see if he’ll really try to rip them off of you!  Won’t he feel pretty studly after doing that!

Or, of course you can tell him that you found this tutorial on CN and that you’d like to try it sometime and see how it works.  This could easily fit in with pre-arranged positions and such too.  For example, if you know that your husband loves to turn you over and take you from behind, then you can cut your panties in the back, so that he can turn you over and then rip them off of you from behind!

Just another little thing I thought I’d throw your way.  Try it and see how it works for you, and if you have any other tips or tricks for this type of thing, then leave your suggestions in the comment box for the rest of us!

Summertime at Christian Nymphos

Hello ladies!  Just a quick note letting you all know of some summer changes that will be going on here on CN.

School is out and for many of us that can mean that we are now home with the kids all summer.  If you are like us then you are trying to find day trips and activities that can help with summer boredom!  We also seem to have extra birthday parties and family events during the summer, as well as vacations.  With all of this going on, we have decided to scale back a little for the months of July & August.  We will be going to a 3day/week format as follows:

Monday- Monday’s Mission

Wednesday- Poll

Friday- Sentence Starters

Our new feature “Sentence Starters” will debut on Friday, July 2nd (next Friday) and we are hoping you will like it!  Like our polls, it will invite you to participate and interact with each other and us.  We will put up a sentence and you will be asked to either fill in the blank or finish the sentence in the comment section.  Some will be light hearted and others more thought provoking, but our goal is to get you thinking!

Once September begins, we will bring back our regular articles and Q&A’s, so please feel free to continue to email us with any questions or suggestions for topics that you’d like to see us write about.  Thank you so much for your support and dedication to our blog, and we wish you all a very happy and blessed summer!

Weekly poll #51: How many days in a row can you ML with hubby?

DH and I have turned a new corner in our marriage and are taking our own self imposed “30 day marathon”…trying to make love at least once a day for 30 days.  Ever done anything like this before?  This week’s poll is to see what your “record” is for most ML days!  (unbroken in a row)

Monday’s Mission #105

Your mission this week is to create a candlelit bedroom experience for your husband. Fill every flat surface of your bedroom with as many candles as you have and invite your husband in for some lovin’. Add some music if you can and maybe a body massage. Have fun!

Our emotions and life

Powerful emotional times really trigger increased sexual desire in me.  Do you ever notice this, too?   DH and I haven’t really had much alone time together at all in the last month.  Well, we haven’t had much time together period with situations in life, but we both have noticed that when we are apart, we really desire each other more.  What’s that old saying about “absence makes the heart grow fonder?”   I don’t think about anything but work when I am at work, but I have noticed lately that I can tell that I desire him so much more when I am at work.    Kissing him is so much more passionate, and so different for the better now.  I can be sitting here on the computer, writing an article or reading my Facebook account, and all of the sudden…there it is.  That stirring that tells me that I NEED him now.   Oh, I’ve just got to tell him!  Too bad he’s over an hour away… 😦

Like I said, my DH and I are going through some highly stressful family situations with our parents right now.    Two big whammos all happening at the same time.    We’ve both been highly emotional, we’ve both been highly stressed, but at the same time, we’ve made some life changing realizations.   We really need each other more than we realized.   It’s made us realize that we don’t always treat each other right.  It’s made is realize that we need to have more grace with each other.   It’ s made us realize that when one of us is weak, the other is strong.  It’s made me realize that he depends on ME to be his rock.  AND it’s made us realize that sex is an awesome stress reliever!   I cannot believe how much more I want him right now.  How much I need him sexually and how sexually fulfilling releasing stress can be.

We have a new marriage right now.   It’s amazing and incredible and we just can’t believe how much happier we are, too, at the same time.   We now have unlimited texting, so it is nice to be able to send  him a love note, an encouragement, or a “I’ll see you naked in the backyard tonight!” It gives him something to look forward to.  It give me something to look forward to.   It’s a wonderful feeling to know our 15th wedding anniversary is right around the corner, and our marriage is stronger than ever.

We’re turning a new corner in our marriage, and we feel like God is truly blessing us in this season of our lives amidst the turmoil that seems all around us.  Thank you, Lord, for always being there…especially  when we need you most…

Weekly poll #50: What is your favorite room to ML in?

Monday’s Mission #104

Your mission this week is to use a dry erase marker and write a good morning message to your husband on the bathroom mirror. Let him know you love him and, if it’s not a shared washroom, make it extra steamy in there for him. 😉

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