Naked Time

Do you ever get any “naked time” with your husband? I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about time that you are just naked together. You know…hanging out, cooking dinner, watching TV, playing a board game, etc. Most of us who have small children probably don’t get much naked time together, and I’d be willing to bet that most of you don’t even think about it much either.

Sometimes when our kids go to bed at night, I’ll strip down on the sofa and get under a blanket with my husband. We’ll watch a movie together that way. He rarely gets naked with me, although sometimes he’ll surprise me and walk through the house, to the kitchen, naked just to hear me giggle. I’d love to be able to cook dinner nude, except for an apron (I just bought a new one for just this reason!) but having the kids makes it hard. But boy, just think about all the meals I can cook naked once our kids are off to college! 😆

I’m thinking of asking my husband to have a naked night with me soon. That would entail putting the kids to bed, and then just stripping down naked for the remainder of the night. It’s a strange feeling to walk around the house in the buff, and I think we’d both get a kick out of it! The summer time is perfect for this too. 💡 Maybe we could call grandma and have her watch the kids for us one night! Dinner naked, dessert and coffee naked, clean up naked, watching a movie together naked, playing a card game naked, getting in the pool naked, etc.

I think it would surprise my husband if I actually went through with a naked night. So I’ll have to give this some serious thought. If I ever do go through with it, I’ll come back and post a comment here. In the mean time, do you ever have naked time with your husband?

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