Naked Time

Do you ever get any “naked time” with your husband? I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about time that you are just naked together. You know…hanging out, cooking dinner, watching TV, playing a board game, etc. Most of us who have small children probably don’t get much naked time together, and I’d be willing to bet that most of you don’t even think about it much either.

Sometimes when our kids go to bed at night, I’ll strip down on the sofa and get under a blanket with my husband. We’ll watch a movie together that way. He rarely gets naked with me, although sometimes he’ll surprise me and walk through the house, to the kitchen, naked just to hear me giggle. I’d love to be able to cook dinner nude, except for an apron (I just bought a new one for just this reason!) but having the kids makes it hard. But boy, just think about all the meals I can cook naked once our kids are off to college! 😆

I’m thinking of asking my husband to have a naked night with me soon. That would entail putting the kids to bed, and then just stripping down naked for the remainder of the night. It’s a strange feeling to walk around the house in the buff, and I think we’d both get a kick out of it! The summer time is perfect for this too. 💡 Maybe we could call grandma and have her watch the kids for us one night! Dinner naked, dessert and coffee naked, clean up naked, watching a movie together naked, playing a card game naked, getting in the pool naked, etc.

I think it would surprise my husband if I actually went through with a naked night. So I’ll have to give this some serious thought. If I ever do go through with it, I’ll come back and post a comment here. In the mean time, do you ever have naked time with your husband?


  1. Before we had kids we always ate breakfast together naked on Sunday mornings.

  2. 😀 My husband LOVES naked time! And as long as the blinds are closed, I don’t mind it either. I am still laughing about the post, though. Maybe because “naked” is a funny word. 😀

  3. we used to do this… Once hubby puts blinds all over the house, maybe we will again 🙂

  4. WE DO NAKED AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE! We live with my parents who travel a lot so as soon as they are gone, off go the clothes. We cook naked, sit on the back porch enjoying the breeze, watch tv, just whatever. Occasionally I get bent over the island but it is hardly ever about sex. We just are comfortable this way. We love the freedom!

  5. Lately we’ve really been enjoying naked evenings movies together in bed. We discovered them when we were both sick and too tired to have sex but still wanted to be naked together. I highly recommend it, even if it’s just for a movie instead of the whole morning or evening complete with meals and other various activities, as some people seem to go for. :o)

  6. I have to laugh about this!
    We live almost a half mile from our nearest neigbor. When we first told friends and family about it, a lot of them said,” When you can’t go out side naked your neiighbors are too close!”
    naked time is great fun. We started doing that when I was prego with our first child bc I had heat rash every where. Once the rash went away the NT was even better!( Who knew?)
    Living way out here as we do we get more naked time when the kids are asleep.
    In the words of Allanis Morrset’ I recomend walking around naked in your living room , I certainly do!!!”

  7. I grew up in a family where at night after showers we would all (mom, Dad, brothers and myself) run around naked in the house for a good 15-20 minutes. When you are 5 nothing feels better than getting out of the shower, running through a cold room and standing next to the fire place to dry off. I knew this was a tradition I wanted to keep when I had a family of my own. My husband grew up in a family where he NEVER saw his parents naked, ever. We have a 13 month old son who my husband is finally getting comfortable being naked in front of; my son, like all babies loves being naked. Though he does pee on the floor sometimes 😉

  8. I grew up with just my mother and grandmother. We ran around naked pretty often. Unfortunately my husband grew up being told that nudity was only for sexual purposes. I would love to bring back naked time after we close the blinds for the night but I can’t seem to do so without my husband interpretting it sexually. Not that I mind the sex, but I’d like some non-sexual naked time too.

  9. I think my husband and I have been having too much Naked Time since we’ve been married. 😉 It is almost annoying to have company over because we’re obligated to stay dressed–even at night. (Gag!) All that to say, nudity does not have to be sexual and I’m so glad many of you feel the same.

  10. My husband & I like to paint naked! And, we’ve done a LOT of painting. We’re getting ready to tile our bathroom. Maybe we’ll add that to our “things to do while naked” list. He looks great in a tool belt!!!

  11. We’d never really had just both of us naked time without it leading to making love…so last night we went to bed late and I got in naked…convinced hubby to get naked with me…and what a pleasure falling to sleep skin to skin with nothing else on the agenda…was a nice change:)

  12. We love being naked at home. DH and I have never hidden from the kids when getting dressed, coming out of the shower, etc. We don’t necessarily sit and watch TV naked, but if it were up to DH, we would. We have always enjoyed swimming naked and this year, the boys have gotten into it more and more. They never wear their swim suits anymore. Is there anything more wonderful than having a swim with nothing on? Feeling the water all over your body. Not to mention when you get out of the pool, there’s no swimsuit to dry. Being naked is not always sexual….but does not take away from the special moments we share together either.

  13. I love being naked. I think I need to do it more because my husband usually thinks of it in sexual terms only. I sleep naked and we take showers together. Many a time when I was single, I would stay up till midnight painting in the buff…so comfy.

  14. this is funny because I heard a “sex doctor” say once that nudity should be reserved for sexual encounters. Average or dailiy nudity takes some of the erotica or mystery away from intimacy.

  15. I fantasize about a house far enough from neighbors to be naked all the time. We live in a row home where we are in view of forty other houses! I’m breastfeeding so I often sleep topless, and that’s great. But I love windows open, so I usually try to keep a little something on.

    My husband is applying to come under care with the Presbytery and they require our next-door neighbors to fill out a recommendation form… I am so afraid they’ll say something about hearing us through the walls (!!!) or catching a glimpse of me topless getting the baby up for his morning feed… how embarassing! Urban dwelling is for the birds! I’d rather be naked 🙂

  16. this is so funny! I have been married for 3 weeks tomorrow and my husband from day 1 have just been naked as often as possible. It never even occurred to us not to be. After reading this i realized this must be weird since neither of our families were ever naked together, minus during the under 5 age when my mom would have my brother and I bathe together to make it easier on her haha. we never sleep with clothes on, in fact if DH wears undies to bed i look at him like, what are those for haha.

    Sex was hard for us during the first two weeks, it hurt me like crazy so we just found other ways to feel intimate, I love being naked with him, its just comfortable. I laughed so hard while reading this and had to share with DH what some of the comments are, though i’m sure he would rather me stay quiet since he is a sleepy head and wont wake up! but i don’t feel bad b/c he needs to get up haha ok that was tmi, i ramble too much but whatev 😉 Yes nakedness is wonderful, people should try it more, idk about with kids, that might be weird for me but sleeping naked should for sure occur 😉

  17. My husband and I actually got accused of being the couple Most Likely To Be Naked All The Time by our newlywed small group. It was accurate and more of an honor than an accusation–we have had Naked Time since we got married. There wasn’t ever an official Naked Time decree; it’s just our most comfortable state : )

  18. not enough time…when you have 19 & 17 year old children it makes it difficult!! when the kids were little it was easy.


  19. I feel you kimbo. DS is 15 and is our last one at home. I happen to love that he has a social life that has him spending the night with buddies many weekend nights.

  20. I just found this website yesterday (after a referral) and I think that “naked time” might be a good place for my husband and I to start. I get annoyed with nakedness always meaning something sexual so I find I hide when I’m getting into my PJ’s – yes, wearing clothing to bed. If we could just hang out without any expectations of sex or having to “perform”, I think I might enjoy being with him more. Thanks Ladies for the insight!!

  21. I have a slightly different story. The first thing hubs and I did on our honeymoon was take a shower together. After that it was o for me to be naked in front of him and feel “ok”. I’ve always had weight issues an one night my hubs confessed that he’d been looking at inappropriate pics of Lindsey Lohan (when she posed as Marilyn Monroe). I was 4 months prego with our first baby and wasn’t feeling too hot but still was not ashamed of being naked in front of him. But after his confession (this was back in 2008) it’s never been the same 😦 My BIGGEST stronghold right now with my hubs is being afraid of him seeing me naked. I’ve put on about 65lbs since we got married and I’m sooooooo embarrassed to let him see my full body as is :(.

    It’s a horrible feeling covering up when getting out of the shower, having sex in the dark and being afraid of him catching me naked. I really need some advise on how to overcome this. I feel like this year is a new year for us sexually but this is the one thing holding me back. I have a really hard time losing weight and I lost 10lbs in the summer but gained them back when my kids starte napping at different times and I no longer had time to work out during the day.

    Any advise would be truly appreciated. I would really like to break free and just be naked and be myself in front if him but my only thought is, “I’m so disgusting to myself, I don’t want him to be grossed out by me too”

    the other night he told me to take all my clothes off when we were about to have sex (in the daylight) and I didn’t want to. I wanted him so badly and I could really see how frustrated he felt that I didn’t want to take them off so I did it, thinking it would be the beginning of my freedom, and instead I was soooooooooo embarrassed, self-conscious, and ashamed that I could not focus and I ended up not even reaching orgasm because it all went downhill so fast:(

    HELP!!! 😦

  22. If he’s asking you to get naked for him, he’s clearly not as grossed out by you as you are! My husband has also struggled with looking at other women (I think most men do) and he’s had to explain to me that this does NOT mean he finds me unattractive. Porn is not the same as having a real live woman who loves you. Men are not only visual, they are physical, and you have Lindsey Lohan licked in that arena- he can actually touch and savor you, she’s just a 2-d picture. Believe me, to him YOU are the complete package. He wants YOU, your whole body with it’s softness and touchability, it’s scent and it’s movements.

    Think about seeing a picture of a cute Gerber baby. A VERY cute baby who never cries or spits up. Now picture holding your own baby, feeling him snuggling in your arms, nursing, looking up at you and smiling. Which one is going to make you want to burst with happiness, make you want to squish and hug it day and night? The “perfect” Gerber baby? Or your own flawed, delicious, sour-milk smelling wonder baby?

    Your husband might feel the same way. He might say, “That’s a cute girl”, but he doesn’t mean that she compares with the REAL you.

  23. Wow I’m so sorry you are going thru this! I have so been there girl! I have always struggled with how I look naked feeling fat you know that whole gammit! About 3 years ago I got on a weight loss kick I know you said that wont work for you but I would try if you can to take just 30 min a day whatever you can not so much to lose weight but it will make you feel better and be healthier. I found that the more I was able to do for myself with working out eating right the better I felt about me. I had gained with all three of my kids so I to had put on at least 30 lbs since we got married. One thing that help me too was getting my husband in on the exercise kick. We now workout together when we can and its a new bonding for us we help each other. I have totally changed my pespective its a way of life to eat better and workout our kids make fun of us but you know what I have never felt better about myself and my confidence has increased greatly! And being naked well if you lose a little weight it makes huge strides in your confidence. Obviously I think if you could express your feelings to your husband about how you feel I bet that would work wonders too I know its so hard to really tell them how they hurt you with words or comments and to let those comments go we are like elephants we never forget those comments that hurt us deeply. I bet you would find he probably didn’t realize what he said made such a big differnece to you. I’m not sure I helped but I thought I would just tell you what worked for me! Just remember if you try to start working out dont do it to lose weight do it to feel better about yourself and I bet you find you will lose weight too! 🙂

  24. “That’s a cute girl” is not exactly what he would have said… I think to put it in those sorts of terms rather minimizes the seriousness of what happened. I disagree that this is a “Oh, he didn’t look at pictures/porn because he thinks they’re nice like the Gerber baby, but I’m 3-D so he still likes me, too” sort of issue. What happened was very wrong, and I think it’s completely legit for Joanie to have questions about how her husband feels about her because of it. I know I would!

    And yes, perhaps many men have struggled with this, but I don’t think that it should be normalized. It’s absolutely wrong, and in my my, it’s not necessary. I don’t buy the claim that men are biologically wired to be unable to control their sexual urges–I believe that we as a society (and often the church) have told ourselves this is true because it is a convenient lie for men to believe and ask women to believe about them. There have been other lies that have advantaged men similarly, though their content has been different. For example, in the the church’s past, sometimes women were blamed as the loose ones who couldn’t help themselves–the temptress. The church’s lie today is that women are the ones that want “romance” and barely have a sex drive while men want sex all the time and will have a 24/7 struggle with their sexual purity, whether they’re single or married. Well, we here know the first part is not true… So let’s not accept the other half of the myth either. We all want sex, but we all are capable (with God’s help) of controlling ourselves. For some individuals this may be a harder thing than it is for others. But certainly no whole gender deserves the “Well, this is just really hard for them” pass.

    All that to say, I’m really sad for how this has hurt you, Joanie. I would be right there with you in the same circumstance, and I think many of us who have experienced either one half (looking at other women) or the other (weight gain) can still really relate to your insecurities. What I think is probably the most important is for you to express to your husband that you really don’t want him to drag around forever guilt about this, BUT… you are still having to drag around a lot of hurt and insecurities. I would try to explain those more to him and try to talk through this. Let him know how difficult it is for you to be naked around him and how distracted it’s making you during sex. In my experience, sometimes just voicing some of my insecurities to my husband helps a lot–I feel understood, he feels compassionate, and we are able to be sensitive about the issue for a little while until a more complete healing has been obtained. Besides your feeling understood and his understanding the issue, perhaps for you this would look like extra reassurance from your husband about your appearance over the next few weeks or his paying special attention to you in bed or your leaving the lights off for now while he just focuses on making you feel loved (if having the lights on making you feel like he’s determining whether or not you “measure up”). There are lots of things you can do to help ease the pain and help you feel more connected and safe with your husband again–but they should be catered to what you feel you really need from him right now.

    If it ends up feeling too complicated for you to work through in a couple conversations, I’d recommend going to see a licensed marital and family therapist (MFT). You probably wouldn’t need to go for many weeks–I think 8-12 would be pretty normal. Having someone else there to help you explore your feelings and help your husband express his could assist with an otherwise very difficult discussion. I know some might say “This isn’t that big of a deal; why would they need therapy?” and it’s true that I absolutely think you could have this conversation and work through these complex emotions on your own, but I’m a big fan of therapy, and I think that if it is hard to make progress on this issue alone, therapy can be a great help to solving these sorts of problems, and also giving you additional skills to work through them in the future.

  25. I have been thinking all day about a response similar to steph’s, but held off writing it because I wanted to make sure that it encouraged you and did not sound critical. Because I absolutely am not criticizing you. You are in a frustrating situation, and my heart aches for you. So, rather than encouraging you to find a way to live with your situation, I encourage you to change it. I suggest thinking of 2011 as the year to take control of your body, rather than letting it control your feelings and actions. It is so empowering to begin exercising and eating well and then see your body begin to change. It can be difficult, especially with young children, but it is well worth the effort. If you decide to go for it, you will need to make it a priority – and some other activities and responsibilities may have to become lower priority for a while. Some things to think about – Most women will lose weight on 1600 calories a day, spread throughout the day and consisting primarily of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. Exercise is critical – it burns calories, increases your metabolism, and helps moderate your appetite. As steph said, get your husband involved if you can, and your kids too. If they are very little, put them in a stroller and go. If they are a little older, get outside with them and play and ride bikes or let them join you in doing an exercise video. The important thing is to get your body moving and keep it moving. I wear a pedometer and track my steps every day, which is a great way to make sure you are getting enough exercise (you need at least 10,000 per day for good health, closer to 12,000 for weight loss). As you start to feel stronger and more energetic and see some pounds drop off, you will begin to feel great – and over time, getting naked will become more appealing! I am very passionate about this and could go on and on, but I won’t. I encourage you to give it a try and see how you feel. I will be praying for you, and know that others here will too.

  26. I’m really sorry if I came across as insensitive or petty! I hope anyone who was hurt by what I said will forgive me.

    I hope I can explain myself a little better. When we had been married just a few months, my husband confessed that he’d been looking at porn. I slammed the bedroom door, covered my head with the blankets and would not come out until I’d had a good cry. But we have grown a lot in our marriage by talking this issue through, and these are some things I’ve learned.

    First, for my husband almost anything can be porn. The girl in the grocery store wearing a short skirt. The girl at church wearing leggings and a cute dress. The girl at work who smiles a lot. I am faced with the temptation to judge my worth by who he’s looking at, and when I do that I become paranoid and insecure. My hair is too flat, my boobs are too small, my teeth aren’t straight , my lips are always chapped and I usually smell like baby spit-up. Every attractive woman, even my sisters in Christ, becomes a rival and enemy, and my husband is subject to my condemnation.

    It has helped to talk to my husband and realize that while he knows I probably wouldn’t make a great porn star, he thinks I make a great wife. He is thrilled to have a warm, soft woman in his bed. He loves that over the years I’ve learned to satisfy him in ways that are unique to him. He loves that he can share his heart with me. His love for me is deeper and more substantial than any fleeting lust he might wrongfully indulge, and much of my confidence in our marriage stems from that knowledge.

    More importantly I have learned that I am made in the image of God, fearfully and wonderfully, and that my husband’s lust for other women CAN NOT take away my value or make me less beautiful. Husbands of models and A-list actresses look at porn and have affairs too, not because their wives are ugly but because they are sinners. Our husbands are sinners too.

    Yet porn is not the unforgivable sin. I have a much easier time being compassionate, praying for his integrity, and confronting his sin directly, when I am acting out of confidence in Christ’s love for me. I know my own need for compassion (along with accountability and prayer) when I sin; my husband needs the same. Learning to confess can be the first painful step towards a stronger relationship. I would rather have had a good cry and now know my husband better than ever, than live as we did before that first painful confession. It has caused me to grow and has brought us much closer.

  27. Great points!

  28. Joanie, as many here know I was raised in and continue to live in the Naturist lifestyle and have a different view on nudity. If you have not seen what your DH confessed to looking at, please dont let others label it as pornographic. You can view these photos in the New York Magazine archives and they are no more pornographic than my Avatar. Quite frankly the artwork in the Sistine Chapel is more suggestive.
    Your DH did what Adam should have done in the Garden!!! He confessed his sin and asked for forgiveness. Have you Forgiven him?
    What I’m about to say may be hard to take and It’s sure to stir up a hornets nest. Your actions in hiding from your husband are truely similar to that of Adam and Eve hiding from God after they sinned. Is there sin in your life that you need to confess to your DH. Never be ashamed of the body God gave you!!! Never be ashamed of the scares of life ( stretch marks, saggy boobs,baby belly). Only be ashamed of what you do to the temple (body) through sin. You state you are 65 lbs. heavier than when you married and are embarrassed and ashamed of your body. Perhaps it’s not your body that your ashamed of, but what you’ve done to it. Now you have to be brutally honest with yourself. Is the current condition of your body due to Sloth(inactivity) and Gluttony(eating to much)? Sin is Sin and needs to be forgiven. If this is the case, then you need to ask God and your DH for forgiveness and thier help in getting back to the real you. Always remember “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST JESUS”

  29. Also I’ve been trying to get better at exercising with my kids. They don’t care if I’m jiggly- they’re too little to notice, and my confidence is good for their self-images. I put on music and do belly dance workouts and am trying to teach my 3- and 4-year olds swing dance (not exactly working, but I’m burning a ton of calories!). My mom always exercised with us when she didn’t have time to do it alone- she came up with fun names for things like the cat stretch, the bicycle etc, so my first exposure to workouts was fun!

  30. Thanks Cumingirl! I loved this article! My DH is not big on foreplay, but is willing and open to try NEW things! We put our daughter to bed last night and tried this! It opened up a new door for us! I’m not completely comfortable with my body, but he loves every inch of my body. While doing this it brought on a greater appreciation of each other’s body and I’m truly GRATEFUL! We can’t wait to try other ideas from this website!

  31. Naked time? I too am not comfortable with my body but I’m trying. We recently moved and dh works rotating shifts, but I do want to exercise to be more fit and have better sex. My problem is I have a slow metabolism. Before I turned 40 I only burned about 1100 cal. Now it’s less I’m sure. Makes eating a real challenge. Dh says he likes having the “padding” on my bones. More cushion I guess. When we were exercising, my metabolism only increased by 100 cal. I just want to look good naked, to me. Not skinny, just fit. I might be able to go for naked time with a blanket watching a movie. Just may not get to see the end of the movie lol

  32. I love naked time with my husband as we sleep naked every night without thinking about having sex. But waking up in the morning, having him spooning against me with one his hands on my breast is a great cuddle time to start the day…

  33. Lol Pasonette! It requires great restraint! There were several times that I had to tell my DH this is non-sexual. But after about a hour, he wasnt hearing that anymore!

  34. I totally forgot about sleep! I guess we do have naked time…. every night 😉

  35. Naked time is the best!!! We have college-age kids now, and there are several nights a week when we’re the only ones home, so off come the clothes. It’s so freeing to be able to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen without having to put something on – we sleep naked all the time. Love this NT!

  36. Wow! My husband and I have always loved being naked around each other. When our children were little and would go stay at grandmas for the weekend, we stayed naked all weekend, which of course let to amazing sex!! A few years ago, I decided I wanted to go into the back yard and tan in the nude, the kids were gone for the week with the grandparents, husband was at work, so I did. I confessed to my husband what I did as soon as he came home from work and told me I could do whatever I was comfortable with. I confessed that I wished we could be naked around the kids as well (they were only 15,11, and 8 at the time). We brought the discussion up to the kids and they all agreed they would be ok with the idea. Keep in mind we have one daughter and two sons. When uncomfortable situations arose, we addressed it and moved on. To this day, we swim naked, tan naked and both husband and I spend each morning alone – naked!
    As far as discussing men or women looking at other men or women naked and stating its a sin, as long as they are not fantasizing about that person what is the big deal? I’m constantly looking for different sexual fantasie and showing them to my husband. I’ve given permission for my husband to look at pornography. I was the one who subscribed to Playboy, not him, nor his idea. We all have fantasies, why not live them out and be happier instead of being unhappy and always thinking the other person is cheating? If your partner is wanting to see you naked, then what could it hurt. Sure after having three children (they were not by any means small babies – mine were 8, 10 and 11 lbs and all c-sections!!!), I’ve put on weight. But who hasn’t?? By the way, our children are now 20, 16 and 13, all of us still walk around the house naked to this day.

  37. peachesandcream, i agree with feistyfeminista. there’s a difference between noticing a “cute girl” for being cute, and lusting after another woman–picture or 3D. if a man is lusting after another woman, looking at a picture or a real person, it’s no less adultry against his wife.

  38. When porn is introduced into the marriage, even with the wife’s blessing, the husband is turned on by another woman and then uses his wife as an outlet. Song of Solomon is all about sex as God designed it. Each person focuses solely on their spouse and is not turned on by another. It is all about being turned on ONLY by your spouse. When the other person (either 2D or 3D) is included, that violates the marriage bed and is sin. It is a violation of God’s standard. Looking at porn does not produce a desire to please your spouse, to love and serve them, to be selfless. Porn stirs up the selfish, fleshly desire that wants to please itself to be satisfied. Porn viotates dying to self. When you look at another person and they turn you on, if you use that in relation to your spouse, that is adultery of the heart. An air brushed image of a young beautiful woman that gets my husband going is not causing him to focus on me. No matter how hard he tries redirect his mind towards me, that image will run thru his mind while with me and that is sin. He may be having sex with me, but his fleshly desire is with the image of the other woman, and that’s adultery. I am to be his only focus. It is the same with our spiritual walk. My passion for God should not need an external source to get me going. He is my source and I focus on Him.

  39. [quote]We all have fantasies, why not live them out and be happier instead of being unhappy and always thinking the other person is cheating? [/quote]

    Is unhappiness the ONLY alternative to watching porn?? What a sad, heartbreaking relationship! Love is an action, not a feeling. You must always guide your heart toward your spouse, and his toward you. Lusting over others is the opposite of that.

    And since when is the porn industry aimed at Christian married couples? It’s not. The actors and models are not always married, or if they are, not always to each other. They are not fickle about who they market their images to. In fact, if you do some research, you’ll find out that sometimes the actors ARE NOT WILLING.

    Yes, I’m going to outright say it. Sometimes, the woman “making love” in the movies is getting raped. This is NOT the sort of industry that you should be supporting by adding to their views or buying their merchandise. It is not an industry God is proud to see.

    Adam and Eve were ashamed of their nakedness. Not because they could see each other, but because others (namely God) would see them. They covered themselves, and afterwards God gave them something to better cover themselves. Noah’s sons even turned their backs and covered him walking backwards, rather than look on him, as their brother did. Nowhere does the Bible say pornography or looking on another person’s nakedness is okay.

  40. It is interesting how often I read things like this and I have to admit the sanctimony and certainty with which they are presented always confuses me. I am not ashamed that my husband and I have viewed what I would call tasteful pornography more than a few times in our 20 year marriage and I find just about all of what’s being presented here to be untrue at least in my case. Watching another couple has never made me desire that couple. what it has done is make me want is for me to be with my husband enjoying ourselves like the people on screen. If I witness a woman being made tender love to on satin sheets in front of a roaring fire then what is exciting is the thought of me and my husband doing the same. It is is a celebration of sexuality not of some specific desire to be with another person. And to imply that viewing this somehow makes my husband a less attentive lover is all I can say is my experience is 100% the opposite :).

  41. I am hardly ever wearing clothes when I am at home unless it is cold. I like cooking naked but once in a while hot water or something spatters on me so I told my husband I want an apron for Christmas.

  42. One that says “I cook better naked”? 😉

  43. Sweet for him – “Is unhappiness the ONLY alternative to watching porn?? What a sad, heartbreaking relationship! Love is an action, not a feeling. You must always guide your heart toward your spouse, and his toward you. Lusting over others is the opposite of that.” – I lust for my husband and my husband only!! TOO many women focus on the “cheating or taboo” and not the pure fact that your husband wants the same amount of attention you desire from him.

    NO!! We do not watch porn for happiness or just to have sex. We barely watch porn, and when we do, it’s to get new creative ideas. We are extremely happy and have been for most of our marriage. We have intercourse more than most marriages (not due to watching porn). We thoroghly enjoy having sex. I don’t see or use sex as a tool like most women do. I see and have sex as a very pleasureable and loving time with my husband just like what God intended sex to be.

    My husband and I still take showers together, hold hands in public, flirt with each other in public and at home, we cuddle nightly on the sofa and in bed, we sleep naked every single day (even when there is two foot of snow outside), we swim in the nude, my list can go on.

    Too many women are shallow and love to throw the Bible out there when it comes to having a spectacular sexual relationship. Believe it or not a married couple can have a spectacular sexual relationship without throwing in the Bible. I married a man who was raised in a Christian home, knows the Bible cover to cover and practices what he preaches, and yet we have a spectacular sexual marriage that God intended for us to have. I read the Bible daily, I KNOW what God intended for marriage to be like. He did not intend for marriage to be boring nor non sexual, nor to use sex as a tool!

  44. My husband and I love naked time, we sleep naked, we walk around naked when the kids are sleeping. We also sleep on a twin size bed cuddled up. I think to really make sex enjoyable you have to get comfortable with your body and your spouses body. You were made to be loved and adored, let your husband love and adore you. Dont be ashamed of yourself. Try just climbing into bed one day naked, he will eat it. If you dont like the lights on while having sex try just lighting some candles, it will also give it a nice romantic feeling. I think amongs christians we are told so much to be modest and cover ourselves up we grow a shamed of our bodies and feel like we cant even show out husbands our body…read song of salomon, he will tell you otherwise! 🙂

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