Weekly poll #49: Grade your communication skills

With school being out in and report cards coming in, let’s take the time to grade our communication skills with our spouse….


  1. i gave us an A+. We’ve been married 23 years and seem to always be on the same page and get along very well. i attribute that to our faith in God and committment to him first then each other. There”s no one I’d rather spend my life with!

  2. DH and are are an A except for the lovemaking….then I’m afraid we would have to be an F. He does not talk about love or sex. Very mystifying. We talk about everything else under the sun. And we’ve been married for 35 yrs. Complacent, maybe?

  3. I gave a C. Even though this is not to be commended, I’m happy that we’ve upgraded from an D or something in our 4 years of marriage. We have yet much to improve our communication because we have totally different type of communication. I’m the intuitive type while he is the rational type. This makes very difficult to understand each other in a profound way. But I believe God brought us together in order that we develop unselfish traits of character and understanding is one of them. I think that advancement comes from conflict. If my hubby and I weren’t so different, where did the conflict come from? 🙂

  4. A+ for me. If something annoys me, i’ll tell straight to my DH and he is doing the same with me. We never go to bed without resolving our concerns.

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