Weekly poll #50: What is your favorite room to ML in?


  1. I actually enjoy the supposedly “risky” places the most.

    Such as today, my DH was injured at work, and had to get stitches in his leg.
    We went to my parents house today to have a day.
    I was very glad he wasn’t seriously hurt, especially his parts it was close to there, so when dinner was being made, my DH and I were in the lounge-room and whenever my parents left the room…
    I “whipped him out” and gave him OS, very exciting, he loved it.
    This sort of thing always gets me hot.

  2. my husband and i finally had a vacation alone lasy july and had a great night at a hotel with a jacuzzi in our room and then camping overnight ,both a first for both of us ,it was a turn on trying to be discreet at the campsite but then we made love in our tent after foreplay at our camp fire.now were trying to plan a lttle tryst in our backyard in our gazebo but havent been able to figure anything out as we are on a corner lot with no fence,any ideas would be much appreciated.

  3. I put bedroom however we have a very nice set up in our closet! I love it because we can be loud and the kids wont hear so it would be a close second to the bedroom!!!!

  4. My DH and I live in a studio apartment so, for now, we ML in all the rooms at once! 😉

  5. The living room is great but unless we have a blanket handy the chance of rug burn is not appealing…….we love the bedroom just because it’s so relaxing and comfy and let’s us focus on loving each other and being naughty!

  6. haha, we only have like, half of the rooms listed. If our backyard was more private, I’d like that. And if we had a couch in the living room, I’d like that.
    I wish wish we had a sunroom.
    But due to the fact that it is by far the nicest room in our house, and the most comfortable for love making. I had to pick bedroom. Boring, I know 🙂 someday we’ll have a real couch not just a loveseat, then my mind might change.

  7. My husbands office is a converted shed just off the driveway. I like to go out and surprise him in the middle of the day with some loven!

  8. That is awesome!

  9. I like the campsite idea…maybe this summer! 🙂

  10. The walk-in closet is the safest place for us. It is virtually soundproof which is important as we have four teens at home. Seems the older we get, the more appreciative and expressive we are. Our oldest had to pull me aside one day and warn me that we were being heard. I haven’t blushed so much since jr. high! She reassured me with an “it’s okay Mom, we know you guys love each other.” Yup, it’s the closet unless they’re all out for the evening.

  11. We’re still kinda newlyweds (almost 3 years), so we don’t have kids to worry about, so whatever room we’re in works for us! When we were first married, we felt so naughty trying to do stuff in either of our parents houses, haha.

  12. I say have a tryst with your DH on a warm night, and wear a skirt with no panties!

  13. i voted for living room/den, but we mostly use the bedroom because of all the children in the house. When we’re home alone we like to try all different rooms. Some day they”ll be all grown and out of the house and it will be a free for all! 🙂

  14. I voted bedroom because we are free to do what we want in there, but when I sensed we were in much need of a sexual pick-us-up the other night I made a move in the living room…and what ensued was awesome! On a late summer night with the doors open (no neighbors out at that time, of course), the warm breeze and the thrill associated with open doors made it way better than most out-of-bedroom sex experiences we’ve had. Now I have to say…I think the whole guest room thing sounds fun and if I had one, I’d definitely want us to use it for that. But pairing up guest room with kids’ room in the poll?!
    I don’t know you guys…maybe some of you feel differently, but isn’t there something disturbing about getting turned on by doing it in your kids’ room? Just sayin.

  15. could you try putting up some flat bedsheets as curtains for privacy?

  16. A large shower is a close second. We don’t have one in our current home, but we have been in two different shared living situations, and the shower was private, and allowed us to make some sounds, during busy times in the day, that went (hopefully!) unnoticed. Not to mention that it is rather exciting to ML standing up, and doing so in the shower means you don’t even notice the mess.

  17. I second that! I’d love to remodel and have a huge shower just for that reason, but I guess for now I need to be content with saving shower sex for our weekends away. Ps.. Some hotels have “handicap showers” that are nice and big 🙂

  18. The bed is comfy and where we most often ML but I picked the LR as favourite because there is a fireplace there and that just adds to it for me.

  19. our usual place is the bedroom….but i love summertime nights, DH & I go outside and ML in the pool, on the deck & even in the kids big wooden playground. 🙂 so i voted BACKYARD…


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