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Powerful emotional times really trigger increased sexual desire in me.  Do you ever notice this, too?   DH and I haven’t really had much alone time together at all in the last month.  Well, we haven’t had much time together period with situations in life, but we both have noticed that when we are apart, we really desire each other more.  What’s that old saying about “absence makes the heart grow fonder?”   I don’t think about anything but work when I am at work, but I have noticed lately that I can tell that I desire him so much more when I am at work.    Kissing him is so much more passionate, and so different for the better now.  I can be sitting here on the computer, writing an article or reading my Facebook account, and all of the sudden…there it is.  That stirring that tells me that I NEED him now.   Oh, I’ve just got to tell him!  Too bad he’s over an hour away… 😦

Like I said, my DH and I are going through some highly stressful family situations with our parents right now.    Two big whammos all happening at the same time.    We’ve both been highly emotional, we’ve both been highly stressed, but at the same time, we’ve made some life changing realizations.   We really need each other more than we realized.   It’s made us realize that we don’t always treat each other right.  It’s made is realize that we need to have more grace with each other.   It’ s made us realize that when one of us is weak, the other is strong.  It’s made me realize that he depends on ME to be his rock.  AND it’s made us realize that sex is an awesome stress reliever!   I cannot believe how much more I want him right now.  How much I need him sexually and how sexually fulfilling releasing stress can be.

We have a new marriage right now.   It’s amazing and incredible and we just can’t believe how much happier we are, too, at the same time.   We now have unlimited texting, so it is nice to be able to send  him a love note, an encouragement, or a “I’ll see you naked in the backyard tonight!” It gives him something to look forward to.  It give me something to look forward to.   It’s a wonderful feeling to know our 15th wedding anniversary is right around the corner, and our marriage is stronger than ever.

We’re turning a new corner in our marriage, and we feel like God is truly blessing us in this season of our lives amidst the turmoil that seems all around us.  Thank you, Lord, for always being there…especially  when we need you most…


  1. I think it’s really awesome that you and your husband are going so strong after 15 years. I’ve recently gone through something like this with my husband – we were grieving a miscarriage – and I understand what you mean about it bringing you closer and making you realize you need each other more. Thanks for writing this.

  2. I agree with Jen30 on this. Thank you for writing it. You know, God has given us sex. He made it. He is perfect. He knows that it is good and that we need it. It DOES make us feel better. It IS a stress reliever. It DOES make our marriages stronger. I love your site and hope you continue it. Thank you.

  3. I don’t visit this website a lot…but when I do, I am blessed. Thanks for sharing your heart. Sex is so hard to talk about…and there’s so much baggage in our lives that makes it even harder….to hear truth declared and fun and joy re-established. What a witness to God’s healing power.


  4. I agree – sex is an important part of a stressful time. When our oldest son was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 16, I spent most of the day crying….but we needed each other soooo much that night…and many more that followed. There is nothing like love making to care for each other at a heartbreaking time. BTW – son is now 32 y/o and the father of a 10 month old son and a second child due in 2 months!!! The Lord has blessed us greatly!

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