Monday’s Mission #105

Your mission this week is to create a candlelit bedroom experience for your husband. Fill every flat surface of your bedroom with as many candles as you have and invite your husband in for some lovin’. Add some music if you can and maybe a body massage. Have fun!

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  1. This is absolutely one of my favorite things to do! Although he loves it, I’m not sure hubby appreciates it as much as I do…good grief, it’s awesome! 🙂 In fact, we have this one scent of candles that we’ve used several times during love-making…now all you have to do is light one and I’m rip-roaring ready to go. The smell just drives me wild – you could call me Mrs. Pavlov, I guess. 😉

    I haven’t done this in a while though…so, thanks for the mission! Mrs. Paprika reporting for duty (salutes)!

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