Weekly poll #51: How many days in a row can you ML with hubby?

DH and I have turned a new corner in our marriage and are taking our own self imposed “30 day marathon”…trying to make love at least once a day for 30 days.  Ever done anything like this before?  This week’s poll is to see what your “record” is for most ML days!  (unbroken in a row)


  1. Our bigger record is back when we were newlyweds which was daily for the first 2 years or so. Although thinking about it we were still figuring out what we were doing. It was fun though. Then kiddos come along which are a blessing but changed things up for me.
    We set our other records now of 1-2 weeks straight when we are on vacation together. It’s seems so much easier to ML b/c we are together uninterupped by work and schedules. We are free to relax and enjoy each other.
    I like your 30 day goal idea, it’s got me thinking… 🙂

  2. DH and I did this, but we only made it for 12 days. My body is just not made to go that many days in a row. I ended up getting a bladder infection and by the end it was less than enjoyable for me since i was sore.

  3. i would love to do it daily, and twice daily on occasion, but hubby can’t always do that (and sometimes I do get sore too, but then, I’d be happy to do oral on the second day…), plus I think b/c we’re so busy, sometimes he feels like it’s frivolous to have sex daily, like we should be spending time differently…. Not that we don’t love to ML.

  4. I would love to go daily but right now its hard with an infant. Back when we got married it was daily for a long time. More recently its been no more than a few days in a row.

  5. At least once when we make up and at least once before we go to sleep.

    I have also gotten UTIs and that really upsets my husband. So just trying to concentrate more on stopping and taking bathroom breaks. A nuisance, but better then mu husband blaming himself for my pain.

  6. I don’t like having sex at that time of the month. So we have to stop for a week a month at least.

  7. After starting bio-identical hormones last fall to help with menopause (we’re both 52), I had a sexual awakening! (must be the testosterone in it…) We’ve had sex 1-2x/day since, more on weekends. DH installed a bidet on our toilet (no more UTIs). I just can’t get enough of him after almost 30 yrs of marriage. DH can’t believe all the OS (hadn’t done that in sooo many years) and sex in many new positions. It IS easier being empty-nesters, but simply finding the time (get up early/stay up late) is the key for us. DH says there would be no divorce if sex was unlimited-that’s MY goal! Great web site!

  8. we averaged once a day for years, now that the boys are teenagers, it seems harder to find time, privacy, more like it. a few more years till they’re all gone, i’m sure we’ll be back up to our average.

  9. I suggested this idea to my husband a few months ago and we go through about a week and a half before he was saying things like “let’s have sex in our dreams”. Meaning, let’s go to sleep and do it there! I wish I could convince him to do it everyday for a month. I’m jealous of you ladies! I just bought some things to spice up our bedroom and he loves it but I’m afraid to bring up the “sex for month” idea again since I felt he was just trying to weasel out of it before. Any ideas about how I can make this a reality?? I just really love my husband and want to connect with him more often.

  10. at least once every day and twice or more several days per week. add to that the number of times per week that each of us masturbate. and weve been married 16+ years

  11. I know what you are talking about,the bio-identical hormones have changed my life, my husband says he has a NEW WIFE!!!

  12. Glad to hear that Sarah! I think too many women fail to take advantage of the newer medical options we have available today due to misinformation, disinterested doctors, etc. I ‘try’ to delicately tell my friends about this discovery but so far it seems no one’s listening… They’d probably never believe we had sex over 400 times last year anyway LOL! Have a wonderful 2011 😉

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