Monday’s Mission #106

Your mission this week is to look ahead and think about what special things you and your husband could do this summer. You don’t want to look back and realize the summer went by without enjoying some of the benefits of nicer weather and, perhaps, a little more time off. Maybe you want to plan a camping trip or some day trips. Hiking or time at the beach. I encourage you to be intentional about a fun-filled summer. 🙂


  1. Another great summer action is in the swimming pool. Wait until he is inside the house: Then sms him: “For great wild wet action, one nude wife is waiting in the swimming pool. Strip and make your way out, without putiting on any lights”
    Keep off all the outside lights and see how quickly he dashes outside! Remember to have TWO towls ready outside with you (he wont think of bringing one)
    Afterwards you can take a steamy hot shower together! Great for hot summer evenings.

  2. We are both unemployed at the moment so we are looking for free and inexpensive things to do for the summer. I would love any suggestions you guys have for us.

  3. Some public libraries will check out day passes to local state parks–so that you have free admission.

  4. Take a picnic to a local park.
    Hike or bike on park trails.
    Fix a special dinner and use nice dishes and candles.
    If a friend owns a cabin, borrow it for an overnight.
    Use olive oil and give him a massage with sexy music playing in the background.
    Play with ice cubes on a hot night.
    House sit for friends (a different “venue” can spice things up).
    Fix a luscious dessert and feed it to each other.

    Have fun!

  5. Regal movie theatres are offering FREE MOVIES every Tues. & Wed. at 10am. They give you a choice between a “G” rated movie and a “PG” rated one. It’s aimed at kids (for the daycares to be able to take the school-age children to the movies) but anyone can go. You can look up a theatre near you by looking here: Free Family Film Festival

  6. oh how I can empathize here. This was us last year. I had no job and DH’s job was just barely keeping a roof over our heads and a bit of food in our mouths. No room for any extras.

    depending on where you live, take advantage of the cultural events in your city. sometimes the theatre will offer a free nite of a weekday. attend street fairs, galleries. What do you enjoy doing? Look at what’s fun and go with that. Perhaps you two could go to the river and enjoy a day watching water sports and imagining when you’re working those great jobs in the future that it will be you two out on the boat, or whatever.

    i used to take great joy in going to a flea market type are in our city. we’d get our veggies and we’d go from show to show, vendor to vendor just enjoying the sights, smells, people watching, the hustle and bustle. this provided hours of entertainment and was a great way to get out of the house.

    I found that the best thing for me to do was to keep an open mind and not shun things i wouldn’t naturally gravitate towards. you may enjoy yourself….or you could be bored to tears, but then you’ll have that memory to crack up about in the future! “Remember that one time we went to that cray ‘art exhibit’ and that guy was just sitting on a bucket staring?!?!” LAUGH the two of you! 😉

  7. Thanks, my sister for the great ideas! We will try to put some to good use. We live kind of far out but we do live close to the river so we can try that idea. I will do the search on the movies as well. We like going to the movies.

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