Weekly poll #52: Your most creative way to ML with kids around

We all know that locked doors and plopping the kiddos down to watch Barney while you have a quickie are widely used methods to ML while the kids are in the house.  Grandparents or babysitters taking the kids out or watching the kids while you go out are also awesome….but my question for you this week is….

What is your most CREATIVE way to ML while the kids are around?

Post it in the comment section below!


  1. Well I can’t wait to hear the results of this unfortunately since summer started our sex life has taken a major nose dive!!!! WIth kids staying up till 10:30 or 11 honestly by the time its quiet I’m out! We used to have our fun during the week while the kids were at school with my husbands flexible work schedule! I am very anxious to hear results! We have a date tonight I’m thinking in the car might be our only relief right now but that doesn’t sound like fun to me somehow!!!! Help!

  2. Showers are a nice way to be alone, but in our case, we have a 30′ camper with a queen size bed, and some times we’ll go out and “Clean the Camper”.

  3. how about mornings before they’re up? middle of the night is what we sometimes resort to, we’ve got a baby not a teen, and sometimes he just doesn’t work with the plan.

  4. “Cleaning the Camper” LOL!!! Very smart. So far the most creative thing we have been able to come up with is telling them they can watch tv, and then going back to the room and turning on the shower…(usually we don’t get in, it’s just for noise cover and to provide and excuse for what’s taking so long), which obviously isn’t very creative at all! I’m also very anxious to hear the results of this, because my oldest is now 10, and I KNOW she suspects what’s really going on. 🙂


  6. Schedule a date, ask a friend to babysit at their home, get dressed up, ready to go out, drop off the kids, and head on home! Worked great when my children were little. Now that my children are older, they respect our privacy. And will even help plot time for the mom and dad to be alone. Last year my oldest sent the two of us for dinner and a night away and took care of getting her sisters ready for school and out the door the next day. What a lovely memory!

  7. Yes mornings are great I guess I just need to get over the feeling of akwardness of them knowing whats going on if they are awake! I remember baby times I commend you for wanting to stay up once your little one is down it was so tiring!

  8. We have three (one of them is 6 mo). Lately, we’ve been having middle of the night sex a lot, and it’s actually really nice 🙂 We, also, have the “if the door is shut they don’t knock unless someone is bleeding or there is a fire” policy. I’m hoping that since we’ve always had this rule, they won’t think it’s out of the ordinary as they grow older that mom and dad disappear into their room 😉 I don’t think we’re very creative about it, though, just lucky that so far the kids are oblivious!

  9. We sneak off to the basement. That’s where the guest room is. My 14 year old recently told us to keep it in the bedroom. Apparently she found a tube of lube under the bed. Really mom! LOL

  10. We have two teens and an early-20s who is getting ready to go to grad school. Our house is very open and NOT sound proof. It can be frustrating, not only to find time alone, but to not be heard. (The living room and kitchen – where everyone hangs out – are right below our bedroom). So… we’ve placed fans strategically around the house with the excuse (a valid one) that if anyone wants to stay up later or get up earlier than anyone else, no one’s sleep will be disturbed. This includes naps. Since our kids now have more energy and can stay up later than us, we often resort to “naps” with ALL FANS ON. I love my fans! 🙂

  11. We’re newly married and our first is still just on the way, but it wasn’t too long ago that I was living in my parent’s home… They had a lock on their door, and we knew it was emergency only to disturb them… most of the time we assumed they were in deep discussion over some important issue and needed to be left alone. One day my youngest brother, who was 11 at the time, was complaining that Mom and Dad’s door had a lock and his didn’t… he was rather incessant about it, and pestered my Mom continually. She finally looked at him and told him that if they didn’t have a lock, he’d get a rather shocking sex ed class the next time he tried to open that door if it wasn’t locked and should have been. End of discussion. 🙂 I’m only pointing this out to offer encouragement, that children don’t generally suspect anything out of the normal is happening, after all, their private lives don’t involve sex. 😉 But if they do, sometimes it’s best to just tell them like it is, seeing their parent’s in a loving relationship is a healthy thing, but not one they neccessarily need to understand completely until they are married themselves. Hope that helps, coming from the “other side of the fence.”

  12. I am very much in agreement with Mrs. D. I have no children and grew up with a single Mom so I wasn’t going to post to this. However, I think that parents having to hide sex from their kids is kind of sad. I am not saying do it where they will see you but just telling your kids that you need time alone together is healthy for them. When they are little they don’t need to know what you are doing but they will at some level know you love each other because of alone time. As they get older well let them know that parents that pray and play together stay together. Your teenager would rather be icked out by the thought of their parents “going at it again” than knowing their parents didn’t love each other.

  13. The week before I got married, my mom told me a story that I find absolutely hilarious. When I was about fifteen my grandparents came to stay with us for a few nights. My parents allowed them to stay in their room because of the way the house was set up. Well, one night my mom heard thumping coming from her room and had 2 “horrific thoughts” A: my parents are having sex in my bed. B: it’s really loud and I bet the kids can hear us. I laughed really hard because I never noticed and honestly knowing your parents are in a loving, healthy, sexual relationship provides a lot of security to you. You know that they’re not tinkering on the edge of divorce or something. I know personally I’ve been much more concerned when I knew my parents weren’t having sex than when they were.

  14. Sometimes it can be really exciting to try and not be discovered…be as quiet as you can and move very slowly when ml in a hotel room on vacation with your kids (while they are asleep, of course!) Not great for every day, but exciting every once in a while!

  15. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but here goes … One Sunday afternoon, our family was attending a reunion, and I had cooked several dishes to take. When we stopped by our house after church to grab the food, my husband decided to grab something else too! So, while our 3 children (ages 4-11) were sitting in the car in the garage enjoying their favorite sing-along CD, mom and dad were enjoying a much-needed quickie inside. We quickly returned to the car to our totally unsuspecting children, and I’ll bet we both had a silly grin on our faces. It was such a rush to know we were sneaking around! This wasn’t planned (at least not by me); we had never done this before, nor have we done it since, but I’ll have to remind DH about this and see if he’s interested … Thanks for reminding me just how creative we have been!!!

  16. While I know that we are all listing our creative ways to ML to our hubbies with our children around, II have to ask one thing of our readers. We have been getting a few comments that have not been approved. These comments suggest leaving the children somewhere near a body of water alone and unsupervised while locking themselves away somewhere with their husband to ML. As a person who works very closely with children and I train adults in child safety, I would please encourage our readers to NEVER leave their children alone around water unsupervised. Not only pools, but bathtubs, as well. All it takes is just a very short amount of time for a child to drown even in a situation where you think they are safe.

  17. *Parked car in the garage
    *Wearing a skirt (sans panties) and discreetly getting together on an ottoman in the next room.
    *Using the spooning position in a hotel room quietly while the kiddos are still sleeping.
    *Sunday afternoon “naps”.
    *Our most recent: Long road trips after kids are asleep. (HJ’s/quick rest stop)

  18. These are some interesting ideas and I definitely plan to file these away for the future. We don’t have children yet, but when we return to visit my parents things have gotten interesting. the “room” where we sleep is really more of a loft style “free room over garage”. there is no door and the ceiling is shared with the space below. The space below is my parents’ master bedroom and the kitchen. Needless to say the kitchen is the most popular place in the house at all times of the day. At any point there are at least 5 people milling about right at the foot of the stairs talking loudly, laughing, horsing around…..sound really TRAVELS.

    So the last time we were there, DH got the wicked idea to manually stimulate me. I turned on the tv upstairs and went with it. afterwards, i felt very appreciative 😉 so i wanted to do something in return. well, instead of oral sex which probably would have been easier (and less risky!) i opted for intercourse. doggie-style.

    clearly, i’d lost my mind. 🙂

    but it was fun! and i had to stifle the giggles as we’re going at it and my dad is talking with my brothers right down the stairs. i definitely felt like a dare devil and BEST OF ALL DH was extremely grateful. (we’d been there for days and he’d had no release.)

    whew! that was long. great memory to relive though. i’m definitely “thinking sex” now, lol!

  19. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My parents had a terrible sex life growing up (the joke was, we knew they did it three times because they had three kids). The one or two times I ever overheard them, even though it was a little weird it also made me very happy to know they were getting along and doing what loving couples do.

  20. We have a 16 month old and we have been very creative “in our eyes”
    *Lots of OS in car
    *Skirt (sans panties) on the couch many times
    *Back deck of house while daughter is playing outside in sandlot/play area (don’t worry it’s fenced in)
    *Dressing rooms
    *We’ve been all over the house when she’s napping
    *Ran into my sister at Wal-Mart and she asked to watch our daughter so we let her
    *Sex can be too noisy (sorry I’m vocal) so I do lots of OS in our bed while our daughter is in her bed. She is still in our room but in her own bed.
    *Quickies as she’s watching a movie.
    *wowgodisgreat – we had the same situation happen. My DH came in to get the diaper bag after our daughter was in her car seat playing with her toys (car not turned on and windows down and garage door into house open) when he came in and started his fingers on me when we went at it doggie style standing up.

  21. I have a 11 year old daughter and my dh and i are quite lovey with each other. She acts like it grosses her out when daddy kisses/hugs momma but she said she knows daddy loves momma cause he does that. Well last year we had to have “the talk” with her. kinda just gave her the basics and we then asked her if she had any questions and she chimes in ” is that whay you and daddy take so many naps with you door locked!?” I have never been more embarassed. The funny thing is she smirks now when we come out of our room.
    We have 4 kiddos 11,6,4,3 when they were all little daddy would take a shower and momma would go and “talk to him” now I just tell my oldest watch your sister and brothers for momma and daddy. Granparents are also awesome for weekend retreats

  22. Thanks for sharing. What a pleuarse to read!

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