Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


I really love it when my husband tells me…



  1. That he really wants me.

  2. that I look better now than I did 17 yrs ago! 🙂

  3. that he loves me just as I am

  4. that if he had to do it all again, he would marry me in spite of everything.

  5. The other day I came back from the gym and my husband told me how sexy I looked. He caught me completely off gaurd because I felt like a sweaty mess. I love his unexpected compliments.

  6. that he is a better man because of me.

  7. that I am more beautiful and lovely to him now than I was on our wedding day.

  8. That he wants to be as intimate with me as possible. He just told me this week that he actually enjoyed being in the bathroom together on our honeymoon. I was definitely not excited about peeing in front of my new husband but apparently he loved it! To him, it was all about being as intimate as possible. How awesome is that! (By the way, we’ve been married 6 years and I just found this out) 🙂

  9. that he loves my belly, including the new 8 inch scar from my hysterectomy 9 weeks ago.

  10. that I rock his world. He says I came out of nowhere and through him for a loop. He tells me I am his best friend. Awwwwwwww dat so tweet!!!!

  11. There are so many, I am truly a blessed woman to have my husband.
    Probably my favourite though is “You are just so cute!”
    I need to explain because really he says better but this one always comes out when I get home from work. I am a cattle rancher and after a day spent with cows and I am dirty, sweaty with my hair a mess and whatever makeup I started with gone I feel like a hag. I am not a polished attractive woman like the ones he sees at work all day. I might worry about that except when he sees me he tells me how cute I am and proceeds to start trying to maul me. I know then that love is truly

  12. …that I look good.
    …that he loves making love to me.
    …that he’s proud to have me as the mother of his child.
    …that he’d be happy to watch the baby while I take a break.
    …that something I’m doing drives him wild.

    Yeah, I should stop now. 🙂

  13. Haha, I’m with you on the holding the baby thing!! I love it when my husband says that!

  14. That he loves me more today than he did 25 years ago and it just keeps getting better and better every day!

  15. …that he gets turned on just thinking about me
    …that I’m beautiful
    …that he loves my smile
    …that he’ll cook dinner:)

    and I’ll stop there…I’m a very blessed woman!:)

  16. the other day i was wearing my hair in pigtails and my husband looked at me and said “you are the most adorable thing i have ever seen”. his nickname for me is ‘my hot wife’.

  17. … that he thanks God for bringing us together
    … that he can’t wait to get me into bed!

  18. …that he desires me.
    …that i’m lovely.

  19. …that such and such part of my body turns him on.
    I have had four children and have lots of stretch marks, and it hurts a little inside when I see all these perfectly toned smooth skinned beauties walking around, and I know I can never be that! But when he tells me how much he loves my body it makes me feel sexy and motivates me to take care of myself more. 🙂

  20. We sometimes joke about “If you die, I’ll marry so-and-so”, but I love when we’re joking and he suddenly gets serious and says, “You can’t die, because nobody else would really work. You’re too perfect for me.”

  21. After 4 children in 6 years, that I’m still super hot! and that he is one blessed dude!

  22. We’ve been married 10yrs and he still thinks and says i’m sexy and how much he loves it. Just recently we’ve gone through a huge revolution in our marriage, and he loves everything that’s changed.

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