Weekly poll #53: Have you ever needed alcohol to relax you for intercourse?


  1. I do not need alcohol to ML but it does allow to let down ur guard more. I have been married almost 18 yrs..but the first 15 years our sex life was routine..+nly in the last year or so has it spiced up!! A few weeks ago I was over served wine and it made our love session last all night!!

  2. While I do not need to have alcohol to enjoy it, it will often spice things up as I tend to “shed my inhabitions” so to speak and open up to things that I might not othewise consider.

  3. I don’t drink alcohol, so I’ve never used it to relax for any reason. Sometimes I drink chamomile tea in the winter to wind down at night, but I never thought of using it specifically for relaxing for sex.

  4. married to a baptist who only recently was old enough to drink anyways, and now i’m pregnant again, so no alchohol for us 😉 except one time, a small amount on our anniversary, and that was kinda fun. or maybe it’s b/c we were without the kid in the house for the first time since he was born 😉

  5. I have found that alcohol does not help me to ‘relax for intercourse’ — it tends to delay things and makes me too relaxed to really enjoy anything.

  6. For me personally, I don’t NEED alcohol to relax me. I do find that when I do have a drink, I am less inhibited. Another benefit is that I am physically relaxed. I have many issues with pain and find that alcohol helps to lessen the pain I feel.

  7. I voted no, I have never needed it. BUT I do enjoy it, and nights when I drink almost always end up being get-lucky nights, bc it DOES relax me, plus makes me feel all warm, lol. So let’s put it this way, I have never used alcohol specifically for the purpose of getting relaxed for sex, but whenever I do drink it, it sure helps. 🙂 Then after that I sleep like a rock till morning.

  8. I’ve never used alcohol before sex. We’ve been married for a little over a year and a half now and I’d like to try it.

    DH has been in Japan all week for business. He’ll he home sunday nite! (yay!) I told him that I’d love it if he brought home a bottle of sake after he mentioned trying it with a sushi meal. i think he knows what i have in mind bc it was the first souvenir he bought, lol.

    i plan to try it on a friday nite and hopefully it will help me be able to do a little strip tease without feeling too ridiculous or very self conscious.

  9. i don’t *need* it, but it sure helps me switch gears from Mommy to “Vixen”. Maybe tmi, but if i drink just the right amount it has always gone straight to my groin (too much makes me sleepy, and my tolerance is pathetic so we’re talking about a couple tablespoons of whiskey for me).

    Funny, once i confessed to DH recently that a tiny shot glass of Balvene (sp?) gives him a 15 minute window (no more, no less, to the minute!) to begin to do whatever he wants with me, we never seem to run out of the stuff. My mind doesn’t become cloudy or altered — i don’t drink enough for that — it’s just the blood flow increase to my girlparts just is so blatantly impossible to ignore. i’ve never heard another woman admit to experiencing this so i just wonder if this is something God arranged creating me so that my DH could stand a chance 😉 .

  10. yep… same exact thing happens to me. 🙂 It takes alot more than a couple tablespoons to get me there, but I def. get the same thing happening at a certain point also! Funny, I thought I was the only person that happend to. 🙂

  11. And that’s true about it having to be the right amount too, bc if I get too much I’m way too relaxed and just want to sleep!

  12. I was a little surprised that this was a question on the weekly poll… 🙂

  13. I voted no. My experiences with alcohol involved underage drinking and ended with me saying lewd, crude things (versus the sexy talk I use for DH) to a very nice boyfriend who promptly dumped me. Not interested in my husband seeing that side of me. I don’t trust my ability to gauge how much to drink without getting drunk…and being drunk is a sin.

  14. I voted no. I am adamantly opposed to consumption of alcohol in any amount, because I’ve seen what it has done to 2 people close to me. Hubby respects my wishes, and neither of us drink at all, so I would definitely not pair it with sex.

  15. Voted no.
    We have all the spice we need without any alcohol.

  16. Who needs it? It’s addictive, expensive, and removes your senses….why would you? Enjoy it without it!

  17. My husband and I like all kinds of food and drink, and alcohol is one of the many things we enjoy together. The amount we enjoy in moderation both in and outside the bedroom is less harmful than some of the other food habits I see in people. I don’t need it to relax, but it’s one of the things we enjoy and sometimes works its way into our romantic evenings.

    For those of you who enjoy alcohol in moderation, I’ll share a couple of our fun additions to romance. A polar bear on chilly evenings is really nice. It’s hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint schnapps. Top with whip cream. 🙂 I also planned a red themed valentine’s day one year and included a sparkling red drink. Perhaps it was a cooler or Mike’s cranberry lemonade. And we enjoy drinks under starry skies when we are camping. For us camping nights are romance nights so it plays a part there. We like it.

    I just wanted to share a different perspective because so many have shared that they don’t prefer it or are against it.

  18. I know personally the dark side of alcohol. When I was a teenager, I became drunk at a house party. Someone slipped something in one of my drinks “took advantage” of me. But I have been healed by the grace of God 😀 That being said, I do enjoy a beer or two every once in a while, and an Irish coffee on a cool night or a mudslide on a hot one are my favorites! I know it may sound crude, but I enjoy being a little “loose” (not drunk!) with my husband. I think it’s fun, and so does he 🙂 And while our sex life does not depend on alcohol in any way, I find nothing wrong with using it just like you would use lingerie or any variety of fun toy.

  19. Totally agree with Cinnamon Sticks’ comment. It can be abused and used negatively, and for those that have been affected by it in this way, I am sorry for them. However, we use it on occasion and I don’t know that there has ever been a time where we have used it and not ended up having a fabulous night. 😀 I think people shouldn’t knock it before trying it! I don’t think I could say we need it, but it sure is fun to have!

  20. I voted yes and no. I drink with my husband.
    Red wine with steak and salad, champagne with molten chocolate towers on strawberry puree with whipped cream, amaretto after winter stuff a beer after field or construction work.
    He and I have had many an innocent beverage and ended up having to finish it later ;)!
    I think the prohibition is kinda funny in light of the first miracle Jesus did. For some its a life controlling issue, for others it isn’t. and others still fall into the middle.

  21. I have found Cab Suv to be mega aphrodesia!

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