Weekly poll #55: Do you ever have sex during your menstrual cycle?


  1. None of the choices fit me exactly. Most of my cycle is so heavy, sex just isn’t something dh or I would want to do, but the last two days of my cycle are very light, so I use a diaphragm if we want to have sex those days.

  2. I would but he doesn’t like it. He says he doesn’t need it that bad. 😦 So much for me, huh?

  3. How is it possible to use a Diva Cup during intercourse? I’ve used a Diva Cup for years, but I’ve never heard of the possibility of using it during intercourse, as suggested in the poll. Can anyone enlighten me?

  4. What is a Diva Cup or an Instead cup?

  5. Type those words into our SEARCH BOX on the upper left corner of our blog. We have articles on both.

  6. You can’t. I think it was just an oversight. Spicy Nutmeg has used Instead Cups, which you can wear during sex, so she is familiar with them and probably thought you could also keep a diva cup in as well since it is a similar idea.

  7. We do on low flow days. We just can’t seem to last long enough to wait for it to be totally over. Hubby would be willing to do it on heavier flow days too but I’m not. Its a hang up and I know I wouldn’t feel much so why bother?

  8. haven’t had a “problem” with that since 1987. (yes, I was young – hysterectomy). I think we did on light days.

  9. You CAN use a diaphragm, though–and clean it well afterward. I will say that eventually it will get stained, and may not smell great (like after a year of doing it a lot). An Instead is disposable.

  10. For years we didn’t ML during my period because I assumed my DH would think it’s gross. During a conversation earlier this year I discovered he was willing ANYTIME. So now we do it during my period. Usually when it’s lighter.

  11. always planned NOT to have intercourse on my period. then i was getting changed into my wedding dress and… i’d started early. it was very very light so we went ahead seeing as how it was our wedding night and all ;P no seriously, i was so nervous i wanted to get the first time over with so it wouldn’t become a big issue.

    and ever since then we’ve just done it. usually not while i’m cramping to the point of immobility, which is the first day, but after that. it’s actually some of the least painful sex of my whole cycle, making it some of the best… so it’s worth the ick factor.

  12. Do any of you tend towards shower sex during your period? My husband and I both have a preference for avoiding the messiness of period sex in bed, but shower sex works really well. We can clean up right away and as long as you are not uncomfortable with cramping or vaginal pain due to your period, it can be a really good option.

  13. I haven’t had my period in a year and a half because pregnancy and bfing 🙂 but before all that, we didn’t wait. I agree with the not when cramping or having vaginal pain though, that definitely makes sex a no go.

    The shower sounds like a great idea!

  14. For 16 years, we didn’t b/c my honey was very turned off by the “ick” factor; however … we planned a special weekend getaway just for the two of us not long ago, and wouldn’t you know it … I started the day before we left. Determined not to let my misfortune stop us from having fun, I took Spicy Nutmeg’s advice and tried out Instead Cups. I was very pleased. If my uterus and cervix weren’t so low (due to giving birth to three extremelyl arge babies), DH would have never known about the Instead Cup. He would have never felt it. I was very nervous about trying something new, but it was better than no intimacy at all.
    Since then, I have convinced DH that “that time of the month” does not have to be such a drudgery for both of us. Rather, it can be a time for me to bless him in a special way. (WARNING: The following may be way TMI for some of you.) You see, although DH would rather not have full blown PIV sex during my period, he was not opposed at all to me giving him OS, which is a normal part of our lovemaking, and him finishing in my mouth instead of you-know-where. I would have never dreamed of doing this even a year ago, but thanks to my sisters at this site, I have learned to be extremely creative and generous in the bedroom, and every aspect of my marriage is better as a result. Now, instead of dreading the week-long “fast” from sex each month and growing irritable as a result, DH and I just smile when I start my period, b/c we have a naughty little secret!!!
    Thank-you “Spice Girls”! You have really helped me spice up my marriage!

  15. I picked *hubby doesn’t like it but I would be open to it. For a long time it really bothered me that he was turned off by period sex, but I’m over it! For one thing, it isn’t my favorite either, so it wasn’t that I was dying for it, but basically I didn’t like the thought that he was grossed out by something that was natural and that I couldn’t help. For another…as much as I love sex, it’s kinda nice to have a break! We do fool around and take care of each other, we just don’t have intercourse. So I take a break from shaving for a few days…lol. Then when the week is over I shave and trim and step back into my sexy self again. 😉 And to me, it makes sex better after waiting for a week like that.

  16. We usually do on light days. I feel too sick/unclean/icky otherwise. However, hubby isn’t a big fan of the mess, so I do the clean-up for both of us.

  17. Watch this video. It will tell you all about it.


  18. My husband and I used to ML when i was having ‘company’, but since our daughter was born a little over three years ago, it’s not worth the hassle of getting a towel and trying to be spontaneous while keeping off the bedsheets. But it was good when we did have the time and inclination.

  19. umm. does he know that you want some too, sometimes?

  20. I got mine right before our wedding too! Nice to know I am not the only one!

  21. Tiger Girl,

    You just summed up my whole sex life!!! LOL!

  22. I chose no because it icks me out but that isn’t the real reason. DH and I had sex during my period for years then I got endometriosis and had to have surgery to remove it. I was told that there MAY (no statistics prove it) be a chance of increasing endometriosis by having sex during a period. The thought being an increase of blood flow back through the tubes and increase tubal activity. This made sense to me. They don’t know what it is exactly that causes endo but I was willing to give up sex for a week to steer clear of it. When my endo was bad there was no sex so the trade off is fair. We do other things sometimes and sometimes we just go without. Sexual tension can be a good thing.
    When we were having sex at that time of the month we used the Instead cup and without. We both preferred without.

  23. DH and I just got married a little over a month ago, and so when I have my period it’s a definitely change in our routine. We’ve talked about it, and we’re both willing to try it at some point, but he doesn’t feel like he’s quite ready for that yet. When we do, I’m sure it will just be in the shower, easy clean up!

  24. Husband is Jewish, so period sex is not allowed, even if I wanted it.

    I asked once, and he got his copy of the torah out and read (in hebrew) the words in leveticus (or dueteronomy, one of them, you can tell I can’t read hebrew.) and showed me where it says that the blood flow is unclean. I then got my own bible and showed him the have a bath, wait until evening, get out clause, but he pointed out that it only made him clean, not me. I tried to point out that Jesus (Yehosua to him, probably spelt that wrong.) took all our sin, uncleaness, etc and nailed it to a cross, but he said that it doesn’t justify sinning,which is how he sees period sex.

  25. That’s why there’s the SHOWER! lol
    To bless my husband and to keep that intimacy there I usually give my husband oral or a nice luby handjob in the shower, he loves it and resiprocates very nicely later in the week 😉

  26. I offered to even do that last week and was turned down.

  27. i got mine while we were on our honeymoon (one weekend) I wasn’t sure if i was bleeding or if it was just my period. i was so scared at first and fianlly figured it out like the next day. (boy am i slow 🙂 )

  28. Hubby and I were always pretty open to the idea…following back-to-back miscarriages, my doc suggested that I go on birth control to avoid losing another baby…I decided to try Inplanon and one of the most common side effects is bleeding at random times, so we’ve learned to enjoy sex despite the mess…it helps that he is such an eager partner in pretty much any circumstance in our bedroom:)

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