Monday’s Mission #110

Your mission this week is to plan a picnic with your husband. You can either plan it for your backyard (if childcare is an issue) or for a local park or the beach if you live close enough. If you are a foodie, comment on some of your favorite picnic menu items. 🙂 If you aren’t a foodie, feel free to pick up take out and have that. Enjoy that summer sun!


  1. Where I am this summer has been one long heat wave and I’m 31 weeks pregnant! I think we’ll have to do this picnic indoors – in AC!

  2. I am 29 weeks and feel the same way 🙂

  3. If we had a picnic in THIS HEAT (Heat Index of 110 and Higher) We would MELT… literally! You cannot even BREATHE when you step out the door. Maybe indoors!!!

  4. this sounds like fun! it cools off after the sun sets here, so this would be fun on the back patio after the kids are in bed!

  5. I’m 36 weeks, so prob won’t either. Card, stragegy or board games in bed are a great bond! Nice way to calm the prego mind and possibly start or end with some love making. Yay babies! May God bless your deliveries and the rest of your pregnancies.

  6. I’m definitely going to try to get all 3 of the kids (4, 2 1/2 and 3 mo) in bed early at least one night this week so we can enjoy a nice picnic. Alone time is always a good thing.

  7. picnics in the livingroom!!

  8. so…for the heat haters i have some idears: livingroom picnic, or “midnight” picnic…a picnic at night. 🙂 those two can be the best (and sometimes even cheapest) fun, esp if u use candels 🙂

  9. Menu ideas–

    Good crusty bread, yummy cheese (we like interesting cheddars, brie, or pick up something we have never tried before) and some yummy juice. Welch’s cherry grape is a big favorite. Recently I discovered sparkling PEAR juice. That was amazing.

    If you want a more balanced variety, you can add a veggie tray or a chilled chicken pasta salad. Fresh fruit. Dark chocolate.

  10. How ironic. I tried on Sunday to persuade my guy that an indoor picnic would be fun (with crusty bread, rotisserie chicken, cheese, raspberries, and orange juice.) I failed in my attempt, and he microwaved three meals worth of chicken strips for himself instead.

  11. Good idea. Its fairly cold over here (you guys are american, right?) and so it should be a good time to do it.

    Anyone else think nude good idea?

  12. Yeah! I fulfilled this mission last night. I got a pint of ice cream for us to share and after the kids went to bed we ate ice cream and played Pentago. Doesn’t seem like much, but some really nice conversation went along with it. (Since that’s my love language, it was a GREAT night!)

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