Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


I wish my husband understood that I don’t really like ________.




  2. his smoking! It just breaks my heart to hear him wheeze and struggle to breathe especially when we are being intimate. It takes away a lot for me because I am scared he is going to have a heart attack. It just really makes me sad because there is so much I want to share with him and do with him but his health and sex drive is a hindrance.

  3. light tickly kisses ;P
    and bad breath morning kisses (everybody say ‘ewww’)

  4. When I wanna just lay a big kiss on him, and am stopped because he has “dip” in his lip!!! I can’t tell you how many kisses have been stolen by that nasty stuff!

  5. You can keep that skoal baby. . .
    -Joe Dirt

  6. when we’re talking on the phone and he’ll start playing a video game. He’ll interupt me to tell me whats going on with his game and then totally disreguards what I just said, or at least tried to say.

  7. Hey Cindi…

    My hubby dips also but we never let a kiss be stolen. It is usually a peck but we never stop a kiss because of his dip. He’s very conscious about keeping his lip curled up so that I get nothing of his dip. Sometimes he’ll point to his lip when I go to kiss him and he tells me he has a dip in case I don’t want to get a kiss right then but I always kiss him.

  8. dip?

  9. matt’s bride….

    dip is chewing tobacco.

  10. when he interrupts our conversations to answer a ringing phone…makes me feel unimportant

  11. when he picks up his iphone to respond right away to every text… even in the middle of love making, and impportant conversations.. and the fact that he would rather masturbate then have sex with me..

  12. My heart breaks for you, hispepper. I understand your struggles. Have you really sat down together and expressed to him how much these things are hurting you? (not just the occasional “I wish you wouldn’t do that.” comment, but a real heart to heart.) I would urge you to do that, because I know from experience that if you just let your hurt and anger fester, your heart can become sooo bitter. Really pray first that the Lord will give you grace to say the right words to your DH and that He will prepare his heart to truly hear and understand you.
    You’ll be in my prayers!

  13. Worse yet Sci-fi! Blahhh

  14. light touches…they tickle me. My skin craves his hands, his whole hand. His hands are so big and warm, I just love it when he caresses me that way.

  15. talking about CARS AND SPORTS AND SUPER HERO MOVIES all the time! (if you’re reading this, I love you, baby, but you know that bores me to tears!!!) ;o)

  16. my breasts being touched, specially the nipples when our child are still breastfeeding. it’s hard for him to not play with them during LM, but i can’t stand it unless i’m REALLY horny.

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