Monday’s Mission #111

Your mission this week is to think of a totally new technique that you have never tried in the bedroom to experience with your husband. Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section for the other ladies who are feeling a lack of creativity. And don’t worry if it doesn’t work. That’s part of the fun.


  1. In three years of being married, we have never had a quickie on the counter…or a quickie anywhere for that matter. So, needless to say…quickie here I come!

  2. I really want to try out the vertical 69!! I told my husband about it and he laughed so hard 🙂 Not so creative (I got it from the CN position page), but lots of potential fun!

  3. I want to master the sidewinder but something happened to the photos. I was telling DH about it but we are exactly the same length from feet to hips we have tried it but haven’t gotten it just yet. Now the photos and directions are gone from the page so not sure where to go next.

  4. The photo is just a picture of a snake, but I can see the photo and instructions clearly. Every once in a while there may be an issue with some photos loading, but it’s usually just a temporary thing.

  5. It used to have a link to a pencil drawing of a man and a woman. It also had step by step instructions with the first three steps in bold. I thought I had clicked on the wrong position but I went back to my comment and it was the right one. No biggie.

  6. It sounds like you are getting The Sidewinder mixed up with another position. There are only 3 steps total to the Sidewinder and it’s an oral sex position that is extremely simple to do.

  7. I already posted this on the CN positions page but I tried the hummer and I must have done it wrong because when I asked my H if he could feel the vibrations he said “No, but it sounded like there was a ghost in the room.” so like others we ended up giggling and moving on to something else.

    Another thing I tried was this: H is muscular and wears an XL shirt. Wearing his shirt doesn’t look sexy on me because I am so much smaller but last night I got a brainstorm and put on his high school football jersey then laid on my belly on our bed reading so that when he came into the room he could see the jersey and my partly exposed fanny. It was a fun way to initiate intimacy with the man I ADORE!

  8. Yay! I did this. Right now H is far across the ocean in another country (not military, just work), I bought some new lingerie and did a mini-model and strip tease for him via Skype and just let him ogle to his heart’s content. We has some great conversation to go with it. 😉

  9. my DH loves when I wear his foootball jersey – although it’s like a dress on me and covers everything it needs to, he just thinks it’s great!

  10. I bought an Aneros for my DH and we used it for the first time last Thursday — he LOVED it for the prostate massage feelings – he said it was like nothing he’d ever felt and made all the regular things we did feel 10 times better (and make no mistake, he liked the before quite well). Whatever he felt was so strong he said he doesn’t want to use it too often — it kind of freaked him out a little bit, I think! Has anyone else used this and are there things we should be aware of using it?

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