Weekly poll #57: I like it best when….

This poll is about climaxing!


  1. Never been able to climax together how awesome would that be! Just to hard for me to do it much less trying to have it with him! Maybe a goal we could try in time as I get better!!!!

  2. typically, he refuses to finish until i have because he wants to make sure he takes care of me, but every once in a while he’s so excited that once i start to climax he does too. i love that! as we’re learning to read each other better it’s happening more and more.

  3. I voted for together but the absolute best is when I climax first then we climax together. Its always much stronger the second time and very special to do it together. So, if I have a super strong one when he does too its even better.

  4. I love it when we climax together. I am a multiple climaxer so for us to do it together makes for a very intense and special moment. We just lay in the after glow for a few minutes catching our breath.

  5. This can be tricky, but just try to let your husband know when you are almost “there” so that he knows when to release too. Maybe it’s just my husband, but he can usually control it, if he wants to and it hasn’t been more than a couple of days since we last made love (at which point he has little control and usually comes relatively quickly). Good luck! Enjoy practicing! 🙂

  6. I chose the last option. While, I love going together, I also like it when I orgasm first because then I can usually climax again with him. And depending on the day, sometimes it’s fun if he goes first and then finds a creative way to finish me off. Either way…it’s all good! 😉

  7. What’s happens in between your climaxes? I’ve been wanting to do this more but I’m not sure what works best during that in between time. Do you continue movement? Take a couple minutes break? Just wanting some ideas for what would work to make the second climax so great. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the tips!!!!

  9. I really love it when he makes me climax a few times first, then we climax together for the grand finish! 😉

  10. I like when we climax together… it just doesn’t happen as often as I would like. My DH always makes sure I climax first, which is great, but I find myself desiring more and more for us to climax together…any suggestions on how to best achieve climaxing together would be great.

  11. You forgot one – do not climax during sex with husband

  12. Between climaxes really depends on what feels good… sometimes I go straight for another, then it’s like a continuous high. Sometimes that feels too intense and I take a break for a few seconds, during which time we do a lot of kissing and “making out” while I keep up a gentle rhythm. Either way I usually don’t put more than 10-30 seconds between efforts because I cool off too much.

    Being on top seems to be the best thing for multiples for me, because I have so much control. During the build-up I can thrust more intensely and use my fingers to give extra clitoral stimulation. Between orgasms I usually just rock slowly or whatever feels good, then when I’ve caught my breath I start again. Hope that helps!

  13. I’m with Wynterr… “husband climaxes, the end”

    The problem’s not with him, it’s with me. I’ve kinda already discussed it on “I Think I Can” blog… 😦

  14. The truth is I could come so many times that I actually get tired. I’t’s awsome because each time is really different. My DH is so great, he wants me to “get there” a couple times before him This isn’t the case all the time because it’s not all about me and what I want or seem to need. Sometimes I focus just on what he needs and make sure he gets it.

  15. We do together. When I start it sends him over the edge too.

  16. When he goes he takes me with him so that we climax together.

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