Monday’s Mission #112

Your mission this week is to pray for your husband to have favor and blessing in his work. For many men it is important for them to find that their work has meaning and that they are doing something that matters. And if he has favor, he will have influence. Pray that this would be for your man, and pray that he stewards well that which God entrusts to him through his work.


  1. I cannot tell you how perfect this mission is for this upcoming week!! My husband has continually dealt with working in a field he loves, but not loving his work. He is definitely under-appreciated but he sticks with it. So my prayer for him has always been that he would know that his diligence and his strong work ethic will be rewarded. It is important that wives acknowledge our husbands efforts in everything, especially when no one else is. Thank you for this mission-it is a great reminder to me to love on my husband in this way.

  2. this is SO timely 🙂 my dh is a soldier and currently thousands of miles away and I was feeling like I could do nothing while he is so far and here is one way I can bless him at a distance 🙂 – thanks!

  3. love this. hubby has a possible job change/interview tomorrow, and although i don’t want to move (it isn’t necessary) i want to do the Lord’s will whatever it may be. thanks for this reminder.

  4. this is perfect my sweet sweet husband has a job that makes him very unhappy and he has thought about leaving for a different job… i have very much wondered what i could do to encourage him. thank for for this mission.

  5. We are going into harvest season and this is a very stressful time of the year as the whole year’s income depends on weather. So I am definitely praying for blessings in my DH’s work. (Since this is a family farm, I pray for ALL OF US!)

  6. This is great! I haven’t been praying for husband’s work lately. He changed career fields a couple months ago (basically, from a non-office job to an office job) and he’s been struggling with the monotony of a nine to five. Thank you so much for this mission! 🙂

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