Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


One thing that I know I need to work on in my marriage is _________.



  1. being more understanding!

  2. communication (sometimes we assume one thing or another and that leads to a problem with a lack of proper communication)

  3. me too, girl, me too!!

  4. Stop pressuring my husband about sex and complaining to others about the lack thereof. He has overheard me talking to friends, asking for pointers and stuff like that. I felt really bad. I guess I just go without. 😦

  5. Our prayer life

  6. I want to recommend a book called “Romancing your Husband”. Its by a Christian lady and has made a ton a difference in my life many times. She talks about ways to win back your husband even in the most extreme of circumstances. She even has a section of romantic ideas in the back. This is the amazon link.

  7. AGREED!!

  8. Less selfishness and doing more for my husband.

  9. trusting my husband’s decisions and honoring him by RELAXING and not letting myself give in to my anxiety tendency, trusting both him and God

  10. staying caught up on laundry and dishes… my dh is so patient with me though so its makes it slightly easier for me to feel like doing it…

  11. direct, face to face communication. One of my worst traits as a wife. I can talk to him great by IM, but I am really bad about face to face…not just about sexual issues, but about all aspects of our marriage.

  12. I’ll give a triple hallelujah and an amen to that one!!

  13. not having to ‘win’ every argument, because sometimes having the last word just means it’s really quiet for a while…….

  14. patience!

  15. Finding small ways to show him daily that I love him.

  16. i agree…..totally 100% that is what i need to work on the most.

  17. Me too.

  18. I’m here too

  19. This is hard for me too!!

  20. I ordered it last week along with “Love Notes On his Pillow” So excited to read them both!

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