Monday’s Mission #113

Your mission this week is to try a sexy photo shoot for your husband. Either make him the photographer or use the self timer to take the pictures and show him later. Do what’s comfortable for you. And remember that sometimes partially dressed is as sexy and alluring as totally nude.


  1. heehee this is funny since I took a photo of myself and sent it to my H’s email last night. This is “his favorite things” week so maybe I’ll send him a different sexy shot everyday. Any thoughts?

  2. write “belongs to (insert hubby’s name)” in a secret spot with temporary henna! take a photo of that or let him discover it ! 🙂

  3. That is an awesome idea!! i will definitely be trying that! thanks!

  4. My friend is getting ready to have professional shots done. She has breast cancer and is scheduling a double mastecomy. She wants to remember the girls for her husband.

  5. Funny, I just did this before I read it. I sent him several ‘poses’ at work and he could hardly get home fast enough….. 🙂

  6. I got brave and decided to give it a try with our digital camera, self timer, and tripod. I figured if they came out looking dumb, I could just delete them and no one would know! They ended up turning out really good, I edited them myself, and had then had them bound into a photo book with some cute quotes accompanying them,which I’ll then present to DH. I’m really excited! Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. I’m having thoughts about making some sexy videos and sending them to hubby when he goes on deployments. That makes me even more nervous about them being found though! I did take some pictures of myself when we first got married and it was a turn on for both of us.

  8. I’m most comfortable taking pictures of snippets of body parts and bedroom items. After being in a car wreck, I think often about what I will leave behind for my kids to find when I do go to my eternal home. So, for me, no spicy photos that feature my face, the girls or my nether region. I took a picture of the lacy edge of my thong and sent it to hubby’s IPhone. He couldn’t get home fast enough. Snapped a pic of the tag to his underwear and texted “these better be at your ankles as soon as you walk in the door!” Today, I’m sending a pic of our coconut oil jar. Next will be a photo of my toenails painted deep red. Stuff like that gets him going without making me feel too vulnerable.

  9. This was a great challenge. I sent a photo on monday and another on wed. I prefer to keep my face out of them if they contain nudity. Once I did photos in the bathtub showing only the sides of my breasts and my legs and the curve of my fanny. I showed my face in those.

  10. He would love it either way, to be the photographer or to see pictures I take. We do this occasionally, but it’s time for another round! Good idea!

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