Weekly poll #59: Would you if you could?

Not in poll format, but here is my question and you can respond in the comment section…

If you could switch bodies with your DH for one night to experience what ML was like from their point of view, would you?


  1. Yes. My DH said “Definitely” when I asked him too so it’s a pity it can’t actually happen! We’ll just have to tell each other what it’s like and try to understand I suppose!

  2. Oh my goodness, DH and I talk about this often! My answer? Absolutely!!!!

  3. Ha! I sure would! I’ve actually had this conversation with my husband. I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy 🙂

  4. In a minute! O is so much work for me and I’d love to have an O that just happens.

  5. Absolutely! I already enjoy witnessing the look on his face and the physical response of his body when experiencing orgasm. How much better would it be to know the physical pleasure he truly is experiencing during our lovemaking.

  6. yea i sure would

  7. I would absolutely love to KNOW if things feel as dynamic from his side and it would likely help me understand how to best keep his game face on.

  8. I totally would, as long as he had to switch with me so he could understand how hard it is sometimes for women!

  9. One word . . . yes

  10. I have thought about that often actually. In theory yes I would.

  11. Euuuuwwww no! I like being a female and have no desire to be male whatsoever. After 16 years of marriage I can pretty much tell what it is like just being with him. We are in very good sync.

  12. Nope, that would seem too far out to me.

  13. Yes! Mostly because he always “O’s” and I rarely do.

  14. We have talked about this before. I would love to and he says NO WAY.

  15. I would love to! I would love to know, from his perspective, what feels totally exhilarating, and what just works, and what doesn’t. Many things work, but I would like to highlight in my repertoire those which are off the charts. I don’t really care to know what it feels like to ‘O’, but definitely how each sensation impacts that final moment!!
    I believe that he’d say the same.

  16. Absolutely!

  17. no. i love being the girl and his dominance is part of what i love most about sex. i’d never want to switch.

  18. Anything to help us understand each other, but not knowing makes us communicate! That is the way God made us!!!

  19. Wow – I’ve never thought about it – but I would love to try it, if it were possible – just to see what it’s like!

  20. yes

  21. I would once. To know what it’s like to O easily (for me it takes a long time and is very rare) and so he has a better idea of what it’s like for me. But I wouldn’t want to be able to just flip flop whenever.

  22. I would. I would take it as a learning experience. To feel what his most sensitve spots are…..to see how I could be a better lover to him.

  23. In a heartbeat! I would love to know what sex feels like from his point of view and would love for him to know what it is like in my body.

  24. I would absolutely switch places! I want to know what an orgasm feels like!!

  25. Absolutly!!!! As a learning experiance it would be extremely helpful! Although I think they should have to experiance child birth LOL!

  26. Totally. I always wonder! Just the other day actually I almost asked him what it felt like.

  27. Absolutely. We’ve even talked about how awesome that would be, to know exactly what the other felt. I feel like I’d be able to do so much more for him, if that makes sense.

  28. In a heartbeat.

  29. Yes but only once! I enjoy my sexuallity and being able to have multiple O’s compared to him having one!

  30. Heck yes!!! You know how great it feels when you’re ML as a woman… that “fullness” you feel, I mean? Well, men feel that “warm surround” and I would love to know what that feels like! Plus, I could learn from it. And it’d be fun.

    I will say that I’d only switch for a few times though. I’d miss my boobs!!

    On second thought–it’d be awesome because *I* could fondle my own boobs. Lol!

  31. I’ve thought about this too… I’d do it in a heartbeat! It’d be great to experience sex from his POV and he might learn a thing or two from being on the receiving end, so to speak 🙂

  32. Yes!!!! I’ve have actually thought about this before now. I think it would be so beneficial for both of us. Plus I would love to experience his point of view just for curiosity sake. It would help in knowing what feels good and what doesn’t.

  33. Absolutelly! I would be able to understand him so much better if could actually experience his point of veiw!

  34. Sometimes I feel that, if I could literally show my husband what to do to me, and he could feel exactly how good it feels, we would be able to reach new levels of sexual ecstacy, ya know? DH is phenomenal at oral sex but, knowing my own body better than he does, I think I could still do it a little better. It’s weird to think of giving a women (even if it is myself) oral sex but a part of me likes the thought. Sorry if that sounds innappropriate or is TMI.

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