Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


My husband doesn’t realize how sexy I find his __________.



  1. face.

  2. Happy trail and shoulders…yummy!

  3. Brand new biceps! He’s been working hard! I told him that his bigger muscles are the sexy icing on my husband cake 😀 But seriously, I don’t think he realizes how sexy they really are.

  4. Smile.

  5. Well, I am pretty vocal about what I think is sexy about him but I think he still has trouble believing me. He is overweight and feels like he’s anything but sexy. I however still find him incredibly sexy. He knows I adore his butt. Probably the part of him he has the hardest time believing me about is his chest. I love it and he can’t figure out why. That and is feet. 🙂

  6. butt

  7. smell. and his chest. and his eyes when he looks at me with that ‘look’ in his eyes.

  8. twinkling blue eyes and smile! melt, melt, melt!

  9. Bum and legs! 🙂

  10. Butt. It’s hard not to touch it all the time.

  11. smile. I think he knows it, though…..He’s got the best smile that just makes me smile looking at it. Love that man of mine!

  12. His chest and his butt!!

  13. His wonderful manhood…which I LOVE to take in ALL the time in ALL my special places God has given woman!

  14. His bald head!

    He’s been bald since a year after we married at 20 and I’ve always liked it!!!

  15. His natural scent is a mix of sweat, testosterone, and tires (he works in a tire shop). I just love it when he comes home from a day at work smelling so sexy!

  16. My hubby has the best butt and legs! Gotta love it!

  17. his hands. they are bigger than mine and so strong from guitar playing.

  18. his body, he may not be brad pitt to everyone else but he is so sexy to me

  19. His shoulders, especially the dip between his shoulder blades. I love hugging him from behind and resting my head there!

  20. His hands and the little crinkly corner of his eyes, especially when he smiles at me.

  21. Physically his butt! However I find it sooo sexy when he’s being “daddy” to our 9 children, like playing with them or helping them with something big turn on!

  22. What?! Sorry, but this needs a little more explaining…

  23. I’m the same way! So so sexy!!!

  24. Lips! I love to just sit and watch him talk! It turns me on how he moves them when he is passionate about something! If he new I think he would shave his beard! LOL

  25. I’m simpy stating, if I were to pick a physical attribute I’d have to say this butt. Now if I were to pick an attribute about his personality I would say “him just being a dad to our children” I find it attractive when men step up to the plate and help raise there children. Its way to common for the women (moms) to take care of their families and the men only provide financially.

  26. I would say my DH’s arms. I love to be embraced by him. I agree that seeing my DH in the role of “daddy” is a turn on as well. He’s a great dad to our two children.

  27. His hands. He does a lot of physical labour (especially helping me around the ranch) so he has rough calloused hands and yet his fingers are long and more like a musicians. I find the combination of the two characteristics intriguing.

  28. His chest. He thinks it is too small and I think it is perfect. I love to just snuggle up in it and just take a deep breath. I feel safe and loved and just in the perfect place in the world.

  29. hear hear!! I know exactly what you are talking about. sigh…:)

  30. Oh there are a few things!! he’s a great dad, and i love to see him with the kids, but i can get lost in his eyes!! and i love his hugs, the make me feel so loved, and his arms are so strong, i do love that!!

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