Monday’s Mission #114

Your mission this week is to do something to serve your husband. Wash or vacuum his vehicle. Make him his favorite meal. Give him a massage. Run and errand for him. Just think of some way to make his load a little lighter this week.


  1. I try to do this all the time, and he really appriciates it. Sometimes the littlest things make him happy and its just a way of saying how much I love him!

  2. I do stuff like this now too. I didn’t so much until this spring but over the summer I started bringing my H lunch most every day at work and we would turn it into a little date. I can’t bring it to him now because I am a teacher and school has started but I made him lunch all week something I have never done regularly before

    I also always make sure that the newest fluffiest towels are available for his shower. I don’t know if he really knows that I do that but that is OK I know.

    Tonight I will iron all of his shirts for the week. Before I wouldn’t have at all but now it makes me happy to know that I am making him happy. Dr. Laura said “Do 3 things each day that a woman in love would do for her man.” I try to make it 6.

  3. I drove to dh’s work and took his car to the car wash. I swept it all out, wiped all the surfaces, and ran it through the ultimate wash. I got it back to work and raced out of the parking lot just before he got out of work (traffic was horrible and it took a lot longer than I expected). He’d had a bad day at work and I wanted to do something to brighten his day. He was pleasantly surprised, and I enjoyed doing something for him.

  4. E how fun was that! ?! What a great idea & thanks for sharing it. This is the sort of thing my H loves too. I’ll bet it really touched your H’s heart that you were so thoughtful of him.

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