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Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


Sometimes I fantasize that my husband and I are …



  1. back on our honeymoon! – But I dream about that all the time. Hopefully, someday we’ll get to go back. It was really just too perfect. Ahhhh…really want to go back.

  2. Young and newly married with all the wisdom we have today!!!!!

  3. I thought I would add we have been married 18yrs I know that’s not to long for some but for me it is and oh what I would of given for all that I know now after being married 18 years!!!!!!

  4. Sometimes I fantasize that my husband and I are… not going to be woken up 2-3 times a night by a hungry or cranky baby. 🙂

  5. having sex in the cabin of an 1800s pirate ship

  6. ohhh riverchick that’s a good one! Mine is that we are outdoors. Not sure how to get him out there though. We live next door to the in-laws lol

  7. You Go..I think I’d prefer land, like a secluded area on a civil war battelfield! I would of been making conjuctual(?) vists to my husband often during battles 🙂

  8. Yep Tommygirl,
    The outdoors is appealing. Don’t the inlaws ever go out for the evening? Give them a GC for dinner out!

  9. Me too!! 🙂

  10. haha intended for pleasure. Great idea but they would probably invite us along to use it. Should I say “Wow, we would love to but we are having sex in the back yard tonight so you two run along and have fun.” 😉 Seriously though I like your suggestion very much. Sounds like a plan.

  11. doing it in backseat of our car! We live in a big city and there’s no where we can go that is secluded enough. ML in the backseat of the car is so classic!! We must do it soon. Before we’re too old.

  12. Hot, passionate, young lovers, making love any where and every where at any given moment.

  13. I hear ya

  14. Exactly! We’ve been married over two decades. It took me 15 years to start to open up about sex and really enjoy it. I feel like I wasted so much time.

  15. making love outside.

  16. Yes, i was thinking this exactly.

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