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I feel like the most blessed wife in all the world when ever …



  1. I look at my husband of over 30 years. But most esp. when he says to me, “I did that because I love and respect you”. He started a regular blood donation schedule after my parents both died of cancer because they had been blood donors. He told me he did it to honor them. He has done a couple things over the 30 years with my family that he wouldn’t have but did them out of love and respect for me. He rode out some rough years when we raising our children – one with special needs. It would have been easy to bail out esp. when I was probably refusing him sexually too often during those times.

  2. I hear of marriages breaking up. I look at my husband and am happy that I married a man who loves me, cherishes me and treats me kindly. When I hear of women who are abused, cheated on and verbally destroyed it breaks my heart. I am so thankful God gave me a Christian husband who works to make our marriage what God wants it to be.

  3. He looks at me and smiles. . . .

  4. ….my husband does little things like pick up a movie on his way home from work that he doesn’t particularly care for but knows I have been wanting to see, or buys me my favorite candy, or makes my coffee in the morning (better than I can make it myself) or offers me his Starbucks cup before he even tastes it so I can lick off the little bit of whipped cream with caramel sticking out the top of the lid that he knows I love….he is very thoughtful about things like that, and it always reminds me that he knows me better than anyone else in my life, and that making me smile makes him smile. Which makes me smile. 🙂 🙂

  5. …whenever my husband does so many little things that make my life easier and more pleasant. Like takes care of my car, brings me coffee in bed every morning, irons my clothes before we go to work. I am very blessed.

  6. watching him play with our two little girls. He truly enjoys being a father and he brings so much joy to myself and our home by being silly with his two little loves.

  7. J, you have an amazing hubby for sure! You are right, many men do bail…but wow…to see you two hang in there 30 years….awesome.

  8. he goes out of his way to be affectionate in front of people. I didn’t used to get that and I resented it but when I became more loving so did he now no more resentment, just love.

  9. When i hear stories of other marriages that aren’t so happy, when i think about what i used to be like, and how God has changed my heart to be a better loving wife for him.

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