Weekly poll #61: Do you masturbate for your hubby?


  1. Early on in our marriage we occasionally would use a vibrator and with entry from behind, would sometimes use to for extra stimulation. Yet never asked me to do it so he could watch. Sex was something he could live with or without.

  2. no, my hubby believes it’s wrong… well, he doesn’t say it’s a sin, but he’s pretty much against it.

  3. my husband says he doesn’t really care for it – he’d rather do it to me himself.

  4. Emphatically – YES! Of course I do, why wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t any wife? My husband adores me and I he, we would do anything for one another within the privacy of our bedroom. We so enjoy everything about one another, our spirits, our minds, our emotions, our love, our gaze, our touch, our exploration of one another, our learning of one another’s bodies. How on earth could we be expected to learn about one another if we were not open and available to explore one another’s body in addition to our own? If I do not know my own body how, can my husband learn? Who will teach him? I often show my husband what I have learned which not only informative to him but naturally arousing as well. Our bodies were made beautiful by God and I have no problem presenting my self to my husband at any moment he desires and like wise he does for me.

    My eyes nor my husband’s have wondered in the many years we have been together and our love for one another is amazing strong and Christ centered. ALL of our private time together is amazingly special no matter what we are doing and we have learned to mix things up to keep it fun as well. It took time for us to grow into this but thank the Lord we did, our sex life is wonderful as our relationship. The peace we have we know comes from Christ being the center and allowing us to be open and available to one another with so much joy. Happiness may come and go, strife and pressure may creep occasionally, drama from the world might attempt to suck us in but peace and joy are promised to us as long as Christ is our center.

  5. I don’t enjoy doing it, but my husband loves it! So sometimes I do just for him.

  6. I only began to do this after I married. I knew nothing about my body and it was the only way I learned to have an orgasm. So I definitely do this for my husband regularly, it is how I learned to finally enjoy sex. I orgasm massively from intercourse these days but still enjoy showing off for my man with a nice visual show quite often. The more I mb for him the more we kiss and the more we make love.

  7. As I responded to the poll about male mb – the same goes for female mb. I cannot imagine not being open with my husband after he is so open with me. I did not have intercourse before marriage but I did mb. One day all those sexual hormones hit me like a ton of bricks and my curiosity about how it all worked kicked in. Of course I knew what I had been taught, did research in sex ed class to learn more, but nothing prepared me for marriage as well exploring my own body. Our honeymoon was THE BOMB! I recently heard that saying – it is funny but very applicable – lol. I totally agree with happycpllv if I had not learned about myself I might not be enjoying my husband so very much now. I know I am knew to all this but I could not imagine not having a frequent and pleasing sex life.

  8. Thanks for sharing. Wow. It sounds like such freedom you have in your love. I’m definitely growing in this. I long to have that freedom. We’ve both lived in so much shame from our past…and the more we embrace the forgiveness of Christ, the more fun we have in the bedroom. I love that. It sounds like God has walked you through a lot of “stuff”.

  9. C’mon all you ladies out there: just do it! I think it’s most guys favorite fantasies. I know it’s my husband’s. My husband loves to come home from work to find me in the living room naked and playing with myself. Sometimes I’ll be in the bedroom on my hands and knees (with my butt facing the doorway) and let him find me like that (that’s one of his favorite views). Sometimes when we’re highway driving and we have the road to ourselves (so no one can see) I’ve even been known to take off my pants and my panties and start “going to town” on my {self}. It’s great fun, and a huge turn on for my hubby and for me!

  10. We’ve been married eighteen years with a great, healthy sex life… I *just* started touching myself during sex this year. He LOVES it. He was so surprised the first time I did it, he went from being “too tired” to RAWRRRR!!

  11. we have been married five years and just two months ago was the first time i did this. I was away for a couple days and while in my hotel room i sent him a video on his phone of me doing it… a couple videos from every angle. he was shocked but LOVED it and wanted me to send him more videos.

  12. Sigh…no. I have been trying to work up the courage to do this, but haven’t yet. I honestly don’t know why it’s something I need courage for, but the fact remains. I have recently begun praying that I will be able to overcome this mental block soon. DH would love it if I could!

  13. I hear you, topheavy. It does take a little courage! I’m not a huge fan of it, because I feel kinda self-conscious like I have to put on a show. And maybe the things that feel good to me that I have always done are not necessarily the things my husband will find attractive! Just today he asked me to do it for him, and I shared my thoughts and he was like “I just like watching you get off!!” Haha…ok, note to self-hubby does not care how you get to the end result, so long as you get there and let him watch. 🙂
    Maybe making him a video of it is a good start. This way it’s still just you there. But no deleting the video afterward! Send it to his email at work (with a warning not to watch it with anyone else around!) or to his phone. You will make his day!

  14. For those of you sending videos over the phone or email. Be VERY careful! I don’t want to discourage you, but working in IT, I know those videos WILL be stored somewhere and have a good chance of being viewed by someone other than your husband!

  15. I don’t MB at all because I don’t find any pleasure in it. Maybe if I did it with his help, it would become more enjoyable

  16. I don’t recommend sending it to his work email; he could end getting in trouble–even fired!–for inappropriate use of his computer. Not worth the risk!

  17. I used it as a learning tool to help our bedroom life, eventually found how to enjoy it as well. As I mentioned I do these days for fun and as I said the more I mb for him the more we passionately kiss and the more we make love which are my favs. The visual for him drives him to crazy heat – his kissing is the most passionate ever then and so is his love making. I encourage you to start with trying to learn about yourself, there is a lot of helpful insight here for that use it and explore your body. I found that not only does vaginal masturbation feel good but coupled with anal and I can rock my own world for my hubby’s viewing pleasure times two!

  18. Thanks for understanding mdccc. 🙂 He has asked me to mb for him, and we’ve talked about it, but I haven’t done it. I think the more we talk about it and stay open with each other, eventually I will become more comfortable with it. Still praying about it. 🙂

  19. Absolutely! and have done so since we married 20 yrs ago. I started masterbating around age 19 or 20 and I married at 26. My husband applied what I demonstrated during masterbation to our physical intimacy together and I think that’s why I’m multiply orgasmic during intercourse. He’s a good student! Now when I do it for him, he likes to help and usually gets so aroused that we end up having intercourse too!
    He’s not comfortable doing so in front of me and prefers his masterbation to be entirely solo in private ( he says he’s really rough with himself and he also uses anal toys which I don’t find at all appealling).

  20. Interesting comments… the pole though is missing a comment….Havent yet but would like tooo and know DH can’ wait!

  21. For the first 20+ years of our marriage my DH wanted me to masturbate while he watched, but I would not, or would do it every once in awhile but I always felt self-conscious and felt pressured to do it. He would ask me if I masturbated when he was not around. I lied and told him I didn’t even though I did.

    Then a couple of years ago we came to a much better understanding about a lot of things including sex. Now I masturbate in front of him fairly often and I enjoy it because it turns him on while also feeling really good to me.

  22. Good for you ballgirl, freeing isn’t it? Blessings in your future exploration.

  23. WOW – what a marriage saver! My husband and I have both been traveling extensively in different directions with our work. If we had not been able to have live video mb sessions I am not certain where we’d stand sexually in our marriage. Not only do we have live video times we also write about our “other” times via emails, texting, live chatting. It can get pretty HEATED and the sex is amazing knowing my spouse is a part of it. I’ve relied a lot on machines and toys to help when I am home and he is not and toys when traveling. I am so glad we developed the freedom and openness to share like this, encourage one another in it, and enjoy this part of our sexuality. It has been a quite a blessing in disguise.

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