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For our next anniversary, I’d love for us to be able to…



  1. This answer has nothing to do with sex, well it could…but for our next anniversary I’d love for us to be able to go to Hawaii!!! Then we can have sex 😉

  2. Well, we’ll be married then 🙂 So the obvious 😉
    But seriously…..I am hoping we’ll get to take our honeymoon for our first anniversary. We are getting married next month, but he’s unable to take any additional leave for a honeymoon–and he’ll be deploying within the next 6 months for at least 6 months… my hope is that our honeymoon would happen next October 🙂

  3. Get away for at least 2 nights. We have only managed to get away for one overnight in nearly 16 years of marriage. We have a hard time getting anyone to take all 4 of our girls. However we stand a much better chance this year! They could actually stay by themselves now :0) Otherwise we’re gonna tell our two older girls to stay with friends and see if Grandma and Grandpa will keep the younger two. It’s time to get our priorities straight…Mom and Dad need time too!

  4. Go on a cruise. It will be our 10th and I would love to do something huge!

  5. go out for dinner and do something fun! We in a sense “missed” our first anniversary due to morning sickness…Dinner or going out was not an option at that point.

  6. Slightly Possiible: Go to a spa and stay over for an entire weekend, being pampered and spoiled rotten 🙂

    Slim chance: Be living in our own house, with a garden and an extra bedroom so we can start a family

  7. Go on a biking vacation in Italy! It’s not gonna happen though! We will be married 25 years in November, but pricey vacations will have to wait until sons are out of Christian school and college. But, we’re going to Savannah, GA for the weekend (22 year-old son will be in charge at home), so that will be fun.

  8. I would love for us to finally have that “honeymoon”. We’ve been married 12 yrs and we just have never had the funds to make it happen. However, we now work as parents and directors at a children’s home, so the chances of getting away for any extended time, may not be possible. But if we could, I would go somewhere tropical, and dance, and laugh, and talk, and do nothing at the same time….and of course, plenty of you know what 😉

  9. on our honeymoon 13 years ago we spent a day hiking into a very remote (and gorgeous) spot. we camped out there for 1 night, then hiked back out the next day and went to a bed and breakfast for the rest of our trip. we’ve not been back since then and i would love to go back and do it all over again!

  10. I’d love to go back to where we spent our honeymoon in the beautiful mountains of Colorado!

  11. Go away for about five days alone because we didn’t do anything for our honeymoon because I was pregnant, and nothing for our first anniversary because our finances wouldn’t allow us. This time around we have to do something major.

  12. Spend a couple weeks in Hawaii. We’ve been trying to go for a long time but another baby is always on the way or we’re low on funds. We could REALLY use some time to ourselves. This would be 19 years for us. So happy but so tired.

  13. Spend 2 nights at the Inn where we spent our minimoom on the Mendocino coast. We delayed our honeymoon and spent just those 2 nights away. But we never went b/c I got pg 3 days after the wedding. So I always refer to those first two nights as our minimoon

  14. We’ll be married 20 years November 1st. We are both volunteer ministers and went straight in to the ministry. So we never had a honeymoon. If I could (at least wishing) go to several beautiful cities: San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, New York, and Margaritaville – on a motorcycle. Just to be kids again! That would be like a renewing of who we were – before.

  15. go away for a weekend….a cruise would be nice if we can afford it…if not, for our 20th in 2016

  16. Our anniversary is tomorrow. I’m looking forward to just putting the mattress out in front of the fireplace, wrapping it in plastic and meeting my husband after he is done work oiled and ready. I like anniversaries spent with physical and emotional closeness that we can do at home just as easily as somewhere else.:)

  17. To just take off for a few days. Be alone and spend time together. And for his ex wife to just leave us alone for a few days.

  18. Our 10th anniversary is in a few days, it’ woudl be so nice to be able to get away for a few days, but i don’t think that’s going to happen, it’s just to busy. So we’re going out for dinner at a neat japanese place with some friends.

  19. have anal sex for the first time. I wasn’t a virgin when I married my husband. After 19 years, I’d love to be able to give him my “virginity” in this manner.

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