Monday’s Mission #117

Your mission this week is to try a new way of seducing your husband. Something you’ve never done before. Think outside of your comfort zone, even a little bit, and consider something different to draw him into intimacy. Let us know how it goes 🙂


  1. I did the white lingerie/black light/highlighter trick! I wrote “tease” on one thigh, “tickle” on the other, “kiss” on my belly, “nibble” over one breast and “suck ” over the other. My H’s response “You are fun!” I loved that it was playful and sexy. I had been planning to do this last week but got my period so this was the perfect mission for this week.

    This morning I sent him a limmerick about it. Too FUN!

  2. After reading responses on this site for a couple of weeks, I have realized that we are not very “spicy!” So I have been making small attempts to spice things up. One night this week I took a shower, put on my new black thong and one of hubby’s shirts, and lounged on the bed reading a book (with the tail of the shirt flipped up to show off the thong!) When he came in I acted all innocent, like I had just been reading and getting ready for bed, where did he get these ideas, etc. Ha ha – it worked out pretty well!

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