Weekly Poll #62: Swallowing


  1. I do it when we have him finish in my mouth. We usually have him get to that point and then switch to intercourse. Sometimes though when I’m pregnant I just can’t handle the taste and have him finish via hand job.

  2. I have a difficult time getting my husband to that point orally so I do not often get the chance. I like to swallow on those rare occasions only because it is such a turn-on for him. Otherwise I am not really keen on it. I was not sure if I should choose the first or the 3rd response.

  3. To accept his juices, I am accepting him. If you enjoy him going down on you and you are unwilling to reciprocate, you are rejecting something that is very initimate, he will feel you are rejecting him. You do not have to swallow, but don’t act like it disgused you either.

  4. This is a difficult issue for me. When we first got married, I got super turned on by having him finish in my mouth and swallowing. He loved it and I loved that he loved. I didn’t like the taste that much but the overall concept of taking him in completely made it worth it. Then I got pregnant and couldn’t handle the taste; I threw up when I smelled my own discharge, let alone his. I thought that after I had the baby I’d go back to being into swallowing, but I have tried it a few times and gagged and spit most of it out. Not very sexy. I can’t help feeling guilty about it, since he doesn’t mind going down on me and says he has grown to the love the taste. He assures me that he is okay with me not swallowing, since he thinks it must taste disgusting…but I can’t help but wonder if I should just keep doing it in the hopes that I will be able to overcome my aversion to the taste. What do you all think?

  5. I swallow most of the time. I like how happy it makes him, but I can’t say I enjoy the swallowing on it’s own. I have just resolved to do it because really it’s not that big a deal and the taste is over so soon.

  6. I really want to like going down on my husband and I want to like swallowing, but I have a hard time. I have a relatively small mouth and my husband is pretty big (at least for me). I know he likes it and I want to do it for it, but it takes a lot of effort to not gag and I wouldn’t really say I ever enjoy myself. When he {finishes} (assuming I’ve lasted that long) that shot to the back of my throat is almost unbearable.

    I love when he goes down on me and he really enjoys my wetness on his face (and I love that he enjoys it). He says it doesn’t really bother him that I have hard time and don’t really like to reciprocate, but I do wish I could enjoy him as much as he enjoys me.

  7. I agree that this to me is an extremely intimate act. He is the only person I could have ever imagined doing this with and only after falling madly in love with him and getting married. And as far as I can tell men may say it is okay not to ever bring them to an orgasm orally but they are hurt by it or fell rejected. My husband said he doesn’t want ot feel like that but it does creep in. He was a good sport over the years and I learned why even give that feeling a chance to creep in our relationship. I love my husband enough that I learned over time to deal with it, then enjoy it, and now I can barely get enough of it. It is such an amazing act of intimacy. What changed? My mind set about it and then practice. I sometimes swallow, sometimes I just let him {finish} in my mouth and let it run out. BTW he likes the second the best for visual! To deal with the texture or taste if I am not up for it that day I quickly kiss him. I have never disliked it EVER when kissing AND we always have the best kisses EVER!!! Shocked him the first time I did this but he went with it and does even today. He is thankful for my effort and lets me do what I need to finish. Then there are times I want him so bad that I could care less where the cum ends up, I relish in the moment and enjoy whatever we do.

  8. i didn’t use to swallow, but one night i was tired and didn’t want to deal with the clean-up so i swallowed it. he was so touched and felt so loved and accepted that i’ve never gone back. if i had known that it would affect him in such a profound way i would have swallowed from the beginning!

  9. DITTO! I really want to enjoy going down on him the way he enjoys me but the shot to the back just weirds me out and I usually gag (not to mention the taste) so I have only tried to catch/swallow few times in nearly 9 years of marriage. We usually finish with intercourse or a hand job for him.

    I love my husband desperatly and hate that he gets short changed in the oral department…


  10. I voted that I don’t do oral sex since I don’t participate to the point of completion. We use oral stimulation as foreplay only. Luckily my husband is one of those rare men that likes oral sex but never gets off that way. I’m not a big fan of oral sex on me either, not because I feel it’s wrong or dirty, but it just doesn’t feel as good to me as intercourse does. I almost always orgasm from intercourse and like my husband, have never orgasmed via oral sex. What few times we engage ourselves in sexual play and intimacy that won’t finish with intercourse, we give each other hand jobs and no, I don’t lick it up!
    Just so no one jumps on me with both feet, my husband and I are perfectly ok with our oral as it is and see no reason why either of us needs to change ourselves for the other.

  11. I used to have a similar issue and have found that taking his penis into my mouth from between his legs rather than from the side as I used to always do makes a big difference. It is not round it sort of an ellipse so if you take it into your mouth from the side, the wider direction, it is more likely to cause your jaw to feel tired. Hope that made sense. I have no trouble now that I discovered this

  12. Oh my goodness I love doing this. Of course the taste is not what it is all about but oh my goodness it is so sexy to have your husband’s penis in your mouth. I have a fascination with it and use a mirror to watch myself. I did this several times when we married before we ever had intercourse (we were still traveling). I cannot imagine many more things as hot and sexy to me and of course to him. Swallowing goes with the territory and is as much of an aphrodisiac as watching myself do it. Again about the taste, could care less, the act of it is what I get into, also how much pleasure he gets out of it, it is such a blessing to be able to so easily and quickly please my husband in such a simple manner. I will go one further, I also immensely enjoy the texture, not so much in my mouth when it is shot in but when I am playing with it, even lapping it up the texture it better and arousing. My husband is open to doing anything as a couple so we play together to the point of enjoying one anthers enjoyment if that makes sense. Another thing I noticed is our kissing is out of this world when I do this, anyone else get this? And my husband recovers the fastest from this than any other thing we do so we are able to do more and more often with oral. He gets so turned own afterward when I am cleaning up that he stays semi hard and rock hard soon after. This is normal I suppose? I am learning better technique as well so maybe that is helping.

  13. I said, no I don’t do oral sex at all.. BUT, that being said, I would do it if my hubby liked it, and I would swallow if he let me do oral sex.

  14. I love giving my husband oral pleasure!! He would like me to swallow but I just can’t get to that point. I want to please him and I would apprciate any tips on getting past the gag factor. I don’t mind the tast it is the texture and the amount that made me gag once and I have been afraid to try it again. Thanks for any tips!!

  15. I have tried, but I can’t seem to get it down. It is so salty and has such a strong flavor and texture. Every time I have tried, I have convulsively gagged and nearly thrown up – not exactly a good way to finish… I would like to be able to manage it, though. Any advice? Is there anything we can do to improve the taste? Or a way to not make my gag reflex kick in?

  16. You know your husband likes it go ahead and drink of his fruit.

  17. Tea has he told you he doesn’t like it? If not then he may surprise you…and vice versa 😉 if you just give it a try some time.

    LOL the song playing on my itunes right now is “Downtown”

  18. I’ve never had a problem with this so its hard to respond. I’ve heard this from a lot of friends. First let me say if you can’t do this don’t let it consume you. Most men love oral sex no matter how you finish.personally I would rather finish with PIV sex. On occasion I will finish this way and yes swallow. Its great during my monthly cycle. As with anything the more you practice the better you become. There is a numbing agent you can spray in your mouth or throat. I’m not sure what its called. If you read around in the oral sex section of this site you can find it. There are also some good articles with some how to tips for giving a bow job. Have fun 🙂

  19. For me, the best position to be in for doing oral on him is the 69. If you’re unsure what this is, check out the CN position page. This way, we can both enjoy each other at the same time, and it must be a nice visual for him, at least he seems to enjoy it!

  20. While oral sex isn’t my husband’s favorite way to finish, it is a fun change of pace from time to time. I don’t swallow because of the gag factor, but I do let him finish in my mouth and just let it run back out. He’s usually so caught up in the moment that he doesn’t care and it’s never been an issue for us. A tip for those of you who aren’t crazy about the taste…we’ve found that if he regularly drinks pineapple juice, it makes his semen taste better. 🙂

  21. I cannot believe so many gals here say it is gross. That is a shocker. In my realm of friends and family it is very normal, very common and very practical. I do not know about you ladies, but intercourse as often as my husband would like is just not practical, oral on the other hand is the perfect way to please my man and be able to do it frequently and quickly.

    As far as swallowing it I voted Yes but not all the time, swallowing comes with the territory for easy clean up depending on when and where I am. If we do not have to be conscious of the clean up, then we both prefer to let it run out of my mouth.

    You may want to add flavor to the mix; I add chocolate, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, etc. Not only does it help with taste issues it obviously helps with texture. And Ditto on the Pineapple Juice!!!

    Over the years discussing sex with family, friends, and counseling I have noticed the aversion to semen is more in the mind than anything, like any fear or phobia it can be overcome with patience, hard work, and diligence. So ask yourself is my man worth it? I know mine is, I hope and pray your is as well.

    Blessings all!

  22. I don’t like the taste of semen. It literally makes me gag. I hated feeling like I “had” to swallow in order to accept my husband. He enjoys oral sex but rarely cums that way so at least I didn’t have to worry about it too often but I still dreaded it when it did happen. I got to the point I just could not do it anymore. I told him that I loved him and I didn’t want to hurt him. He does not perform oral on me because it makes him gag so he understood. The odd time he does cum orally I now spit it out, Then I go to the bathroom rinse out my mouth and grab a clean warm cloth to wash him off. He doesn’t mind that part at all.

    Ladies, if you don’t like to swallow it doesn’t make you a worse lover or a worse wife. Don’t do anything in bed that makes you uncomfortable. I

  23. I’ve let him finish in my mouth, but I’m a spitter. It makes me gag and tastes so bitter, I usually have to quickly excuse myself to the bathroom to gargle some mouthwash. He appreciates this, as he’s told me he thinks it’s gross to kiss me after he’s just finished…

    So needless to say, we don’t do it too often. Usually, we just finish with a hand job.

  24. Baby steps… all I can say… get comfortable with what you do and then try the next. OS to finish in you mouth (i.e. during your period) – do it in the shower… sit on a little bench/kiddies chair… if you dont want to swallow…. rinse it out with the shower without making too much of a fuss…

  25. There is a spray called “Great Head” that I just ordered from pure romance. I haven’t used it yet but have heard it really helps stop the gagging.

  26. you know what they say about your fears…you can’t get passed them until you face them. Share with your husband that you are trying, ask him to maybe signal you clearly so it won’t take you by surprise and then be the little engine that could. “I think I can I thin I can I think I can.”

    I have been married 20 years and didn’t start swallowing until about 4 months ago. I can’t tell you what it means to my husband to have me do this for him and I now find it a huge turn on as well. I wish I had been doing it all along but I had a mental block. Now I can’t wait to pleasure him in this way.

    Best of Luck!

  27. I’ve been married almost 20 years. I love to give oral, but my husband is 59 (I am 39) and for us – if I finish him off – then it’s over so fast. To me that is not so fun. Because all the time it takes to get him hard and then to end it so fast. So age is a factor for us. Though we are active most days of the week – age is a big factor on quality of sex.

  28. Thanks Tommygirl! I know for me it is a mental thing so I will just have to let go and try!! And btw, it will be 20 years for us soon too!!

  29. In our 28 years of marriage,I started swallowing my DH’s love juice…lol… just at the beginning of this year, when I found this site. I read all the articles on here and decided to give it a try,I had performed oral on my DH many times before, but had never dared to swallow…since the first try this year, now I always do swallow and I absolutely enjoy giving him oral n swallowing so much that at times I just tell him I want to give him a blow job and I don’t need him to pleasure me to orgasm, because giving him that pleasure brings me so much pleasure…all it took for me was changing my mindset and giving it a try. Wished I would of learned and changed my way of thinking many years before…but for now,… I am happy to enjoy my DH in ways I would of never imagined in all our married life.

  30. From the Scriptures that the wine in Song of Songs 1:1 represents Semen and is symbolic of the oil of anointing and the Living waters of the Holy Spirit.

    …your love is better than wine.
    Because of the savor of your good ointments
    your name is as ointment poured forth,
    therefore do the virgins love you.
    -Song of Songs 1:1-3

    “Eat, O friends! Drink, yes, drink deeply, O lovers!”
    – Song of Songs 5:1b

  31. I’ve been a long time lurker, this has been such an issue for me. I’ve always known DH would like it if I allowed him to finish in my mouth, i had gotten to the point where I could but would let it dribble out as he finished, never could swallow as the gag reflex was so bad. He kinda threw it out there again the other night and after reading a lot here I decided to try again. This time it was in the shower…normally it is in bed with me on top of him and like I said never successful. This time i was squatting in the shower and was able to do it!! I felt like I had more control over where it hit me in my mouth and the water from the shower seemed to water it down a bit, LOL. I’m 24 weeks pregnant and really can’t keep up with his sex drive lately so I’ve been trying harder to find ways to please him even when my sensitive body isn’t wanting to be touched. I think it shocked him as he said he definitely didn’t expect it. Thanks for this site, you gals are awesome and have a great ministry here.

  32. I love to swallow. My husband is very well endowed which makes ir difficult to swallow at times, but I love, crave and desire his taste. I swallow at least 4 times per week. He tastes like candy it is so tasty.

  33. Jen – you are kidding, right? We mask it every which way but it never tastes like candy. Even when he drinks loads of pineapple juice and I cover over it with chocolate or raspberry (btw thanks sweetgirl for the insights on covering up with flavors).

  34. I really want to be able to let my DH finish in my mouth and I have a few times. I’m always afraid I am going to gag which would ruin it for him. But I give him oral pleasure a lot, he just doesn’t let go in my mouth. Fortunately he has very good control and can decide when he wants to take the brakes off.

  35. My guess is that when she says “it tastes like candy” she is referring more to her positive attitude about the taste, if that makes sense. When you learn, and I do mean learn, actively teach yourself to love your husbands taste, it becomes good to you, almost like candy. It still tastes salty to me but I love it like candy because of the emotional charge the act gives me. Make sense?

  36. 4 times a week is quite a bit. I was wondering, is that on top of, in place of or in congunction with regular intercourse? I would happily do the same but I worry that intercourse would then be a rare occurance.

  37. I agree – 4 times a week seems like an awful lot. I do it regularly when my husband is in town, spur of the moment watching tv, on the net, when he walks in, gets out of the shower, sometimes while he is in the shower, driving, etc. but I seldom ever get to 4 times in a week unless we are on vacation or something.

  38. I agree that the taste becomes agreeable more so mentally. It thrills me do to this to and for my husband. I had a positive attitude coming into marriage about it because he had told me how much he’d like for it to be a large part of our sex life. So I prepared mentally as you mentioned. Good advice for others!

  39. I love feeling my DH explode inside my kitty too much to give him BJs more than a couple of times a month. 4 times a week. That’s crazy talk right there, unless you are also getting regular sex several times a week. I like giving my DH pleasure, but I like to have my needs met as well. Fortunately my DH understands and does not push for more. He wants to make sure I am sexually satisfied. 😉

  40. I have a huge gag reflex so much so that even brushing my teeth can make me gag, however this doesn’t stop me from letting dh finish in my mouth. He understands about my reflex and if I do happen to gag during the oral process it has nothing to do with the fact that it is unpleasant or I am not enjoying it. I have apologized for it and he is always like “UMMM…it was great what is there to apologize for?” So maybe just a little extra communication could help and honestly the more I do it the easier it is to control the gag reflex. Of course, if things are great the way they are then just keep doin what you are doin!!

  41. I’m glad to see (above) that you overcame this issue – GOOD for YOU!

    We have been traveling seperately so much lately that when we do get to see each other we go ate it like rabbits in the wild until we are both raw. So we have little time for oral unless it is afterwards. I miss him cumming in my mouth but I agree with your march comment, I’d rather have him in my “kitty – lol (to funny)” since we do not have much time for anything as of late.

    There have been times when we meet in passing and I might give him a quick bj and he mbs me. But I so much prefer getting whomped by him full body until we have more time.

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