Weekly poll #63: Orgasm in dreams


  1. I have had this several times. I’m never sure what brings them on. They happen more in the mornings after my husband has left for work and I didn’t want him to. 😉 But I’m not sure what makes is happen some days and not others. It always wakes me up which makes me pout to find out its a dream and that hubby is gone.

  2. Yes, but it’s rare. I actually had one about a month ago, and it was so strong that it actually woke me up. I was really having one in real life. I have never had an orgasm when I am awake without any stimulation. Only in my dream, and if I wake up in the middle of it.

  3. this has only happened to me a couple of times. i usually get right up to that point and then wake up – hubby really likes it when that happens…

  4. OK, I’m a not that I am aware of girl. Sure wish I was one of the 8% who said frequently!

  5. It has been several months but I have had them frequently and NEVER knew anyone else did. Mine usually happen during sexual “droughts” which is probably why I haven’t had one in a while. You spice girls have really made a difference in my marriage.

    I gotta say though that I sort of miss them yet I wouldn’t ever go back 😉

  6. I also thought it was super abnormal for this to happen! I thought I was the only one! This happens to me quite frequently, actually.

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