Q: Sex Positions for Pregnancy

We had someone write in and ask us for a list of favorable positions to use during pregnancy. I thought it was a great question so I pulled some of the positions from our Position of the Week feature that are likely to be comfortable, though some of them may require some slight alterations depending on what stage you are at and you and your husband’s body shapes. I haven’t included man on top positions because they are likely to be more uncomfortable although my husband and I did a version of a basic missionary position all the way up to the end of my pregnancies.

First is a list of woman on top positions where you are facing him:

Second is a list of positions where you are on top and facing away so your belly isn’t feeling squished:

Lastly I want to mention that if you have the option of making love underwater it can be very helpful in taking the weight off your belly so if it works in your situation there are some great underwater sex positions as well:

So I hope this list is helpful to our pregnant readers. 🙂


  1. Thank you!

  2. Lol what a timely list. I just found out recently that we are expecting, and I want to keep the lovin’ while our little one is growing. It got hard toward the end with the first baby. Maybe these will help. Thanks!

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