Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


When my husband uses his fingers to ________, it sends me through the roof!



  1. When my husband uses his fingers to go spelunking in my “cave of wonders” and adds pressure at my “back gate”, it sends me through the roof and on to a distant planet! After an experience like that I would do nearly ANYthing for him, although it’s really hard for me to move after having every cell in my body involved in such a mind-blowing orgasm.

  2. It’s tongue, fingers can start… and cunnilingus wow… I tell him I love his tongue… and the rest of him.

  3. reach and stroke the spots a penis just cannot… it sends me through the roof. i used to just lay still but now i am very responsive to every stroke as if it was my husband’s penis. all positions work but the best is standing up while he is sitting on edge of bed. perfect.

  4. caress my lips and face, or run them through my hair

  5. It is hard to describe but he does this thing with his fingers where he takes his fingertips and spreads them across the surface of my skin and it makes me tingle all over. It is a light scratch/tickle. Hard to explain.

  6. I know exactly what your talking about!! That feels sooo wonderful!! I introduced him to that when we were dating and now he can’t get enough of it, it’s very relaxing!!! I have him do that for me when I can’t sleep, or just need some physical touch time!! I melt everytime!! Try having him do it to your scalp too!!

  7. I’m glad you mentioned this. I’m going to start some of that.

  8. …pinch both of my nipples REALLY hard right before I’m ready to cum…I don’t know why, but it makes my O really intense…

  9. my first thought was “tickle me” cause i hate being tickled. but you ladies did discribe things that also send me through the roof in a good way. I absolutlye love it when he cups my face in his hands and looks at me so lovingly and actually runs his fingers through my hair but that is really rare.

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