Interview With a “Feet” Couple (Part 1)

We have been hearing more and more about couples who enjoy using their feet during their intimate times together… so we set out to find one such couple to interview!  Below is part one of our interview of a couple who love using feet in their marriage bed.


1. What exactly does it mean to “like feet?”

Hubby: Simply stated, it means that you are partial to the feet of your spouse as opposed to those who prefer their spouses breasts, butt, legs, or otherwise. It means that you enjoy gazing at the bright nail polish of her latest pedicure, the symmetrical order of her toes, the deepness of her arches and the round suppleness of her heels. It means that you can find the sight of your spouse in nylons and heels especially exciting and can be turned on just by the delicate dangling or dipping of any shoe that she has on her foot.

Liking feet is not something which I believe is an acquired taste that one merely develops. I was aware of my attraction to feet at a very young age and I believe that based on several studies it is entirely possible that I had a predisposed liking towards feet. I also subscribe to the imprinting theory and I believe that my fascination for feet may have been imprinted at an early age by someone who innocently let me massage their feet during story time to keep me occupied. I have studied the accounts of many others who also like feet who can also recall similar instances in which they felt that their fascination for feet was innocently awoken by similar circumstances. It is not something that abates over time. Liking feet is a lifelong fascination that requires an open minded and loving spouse who can embrace this uniqueness. Above all, as our blog states, I believe that liking feet is fun and okay.

Wife: Also I consider liking feet to be when a person loves to have their feet touched in a sexual or non sexual way. In my case, it improves the intensity of my orgasms to have my feet touched during sex with my husband. I also love to have my feet massaged nightly or during quality time with my hubby. If I don’t have foot sex or receive proper foot attention on a regular basis I do tend to become irritable.

2. At what age did you decide that it was cool to use your feet during sex? (i.e., did you ever masturbate with your feet before meeting your spouse?)

Hubby: Once aware of this fascination, I didn’t think about using my own feet for sexual purposes as much as I was thinking that I needed to eventually find an open minded spouse who wouldn’t find my fascination weird or abnormal and would be open to trying foot sex or foot jobs in the bedroom. I can say that I was indeed blessed to have found her early in life.

Wife: I was 19 the first time that I had foot sex with my husband. To me it was a good thing that satisfied both my husband and I. I took psychology classes in College so I understood sexual contact, reflexology, and fetishes which were considered normal to a point. To me foot sex felt right and pleasurable with my husband.

3. Is this something both of you agreed upon right away at the beginning of your marriage or have you incorporated it in later years?

Hubby: I believe that honesty is the best approach. I told her early in our relationship that I was partial to feet. I truly believed that if she was the right spouse for me, that she would be able to accept this unique part of me and eventually embrace it. I took it slow and tried to explain to her why I liked feet, what I liked about her feet and especially let her know how pretty I thought they were. We did research together and then we started slowly with pedicures, foot massages, foot kissing and I let her decide her comfort level when trying foot sex. We experimented with foot jobs and foot sex and then talked openly about what we liked. With patience and understanding, her feet quickly became more and more comfortable with any activities in the bedroom and today, nearly twenty years later, it can be said that her feet often have a mind of their own and that they are indeed a large part of our sex life.

Wife: My husband and I talked about everything when we first became a couple. He was open and honest about his attraction to feet which felt right to me. I was open to trying it because I knew from my studies that different people were attracted to different body parts. I knew about foot fetishes from psychology books I read in High School and in College. To me it was a normal thing and a way to connect with my husband.

4. Does every sexual encounter between you include some sort of foot play?

Hubby: I would say that not every sexual encounter includes foot play. But her feet do tend to become involved probably at least 95% of the time in my estimation because we both know that it is something that turns each other on and that we both enjoy. It can be simply flirting, to foreplay, or something more. We do try other things in the bedroom just to keep things exciting and passionate that don’t involve feet and we are never shy about experimenting sexually.

Wife: Almost all sexual encounters between us include some type foot play. I achieve a more intense orgasm when my feet are touched during sex and I feel that my husband gets a better climax if my feet are touching him. We have been doing it for so long that foot play is a natural part of our sexual relationship.

5. I personally believe that having a full blown fetish can be unhealthy for couples. Fetish= not being able to get or maintain an erection without _______. (In this case, feet) Do you believe this is a fetish for you both? How do you feel about the healthiness of your relationship with regard to your focus on feet?

Hubby: The use of the word fetish in conjunction with feet tends to be a bit over dramatized and often carries a negative stigma due to harmful stereotypes portrayed in the mainstream media. I prefer to think of it as a foot fascination. But if the fascination is the only method in which one can achieve sexual gratification then it can indeed present a problem within the relationship. If unchecked to the point that a person ignores their partner’s sexual needs and selfishly only satisfies their needs then they would require professional help. However, in my extensive studies, I often reference an accepted classification tier that describes the five levels of those with any type of fascination. Most people fall within the first two classes and have an otherwise normal sex life. Those rare individuals who fall into the class three or above on the five tier classification cannot.

In our case, I don’t feel that this is a fetish for the both of us. We explore many other varieties and spices in our marriage bed that don’t involve feet. However, my wife does really enjoy having me touch her feet and I relish the opportunity to touch them as well. And it is this simple touch that quite often leads to other things in the bedroom. I think that this enhances our sexual intimacy in regards to frequency and quality. We are very comfortable with each other sexually and we have no problem communicating to each other about what we enjoy and would like to try within the bedroom. I believe this is because we have been able to embrace my foot fascination and incorporate it into our sex life without reservation. We have a very active sex life and we are still very much in love with each other even after nearly twenty years of marriage. My wife often calls me her sole mate as well as her soul mate and I am blessed to be both.

Wife: I personally feel that a fetish can be healthy in moderation. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with a fetish as long as you are in control and it doesn’t cause physical harm to you or your spouse. If you are talking about people who have a fetish that drives them to do illegal or forceful things to satisfy it, then yes that would be unhealthy. But in my opinion, a foot fetish is not harmful. To me the strong connection that my husband and I share with feet is healthy, fun and helps us connect on a different level than most couples.

Come back next week for part two of this interesting interview!



  1. I’m confused. What’s the difference between “foot sex” and a “footjob”. I can’t really imagine how else feet might be used more directly for “sex” than a “footjob.” Isn’t it all the same thing?

  2. On our blog we talk about the differences. The term foot sex is often used interchangeably with footjobs, but we believe that there are subtle differences between the two. In our estimation, a footjob means to stimulate the male with the feet like a handjob, while foot sex is a simulation of intercourse using the feet sort of like breast sex. This is how we defined them when answering the interview questions…

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