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Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


One of my best qualities as a wife is…



  1. I saw a change needed to be made in my marriage and I started with myself and God. With God’s help I changed my behaviors and attitudes and our marriage has never been stronger.

  2. I’m all in for my DH

  3. At first I struggled with this question; you know, it made me really think, I like that ! I think my best quality as a wife is that I now accept that my husband is a tool that God uses to shape me.

    Although, my husband would say my best qualities are my cooking and our sex life 😉

    …. and not always in that order !!

  4. I almost never nag.

  5. haha me neither Maureen! Me too Mary and Lionheartedwife, I had never thought of that but I think you are absolutely dead on. I love what you said!

  6. i asked him and he said that ‘i love him passionitly and i’m beautiful.’ i would have said that i absolutely adore him and i let it show every day.

  7. I am so in tune to him emotionally, spritually, and sexually that I can see him for a few minutes and know exactly what he needs. Some days it is words of encouragement, some days it is my undivided attention, and some days it is dropping everything and meeting his fantasies in the bedroom. It took years to develop this kind of intimacy, but oh, is it so worth it 🙂

  8. That is awesome Stillinlove!!! you ladies make me proud to be part of this group! Not a “whinner” among the group …. THAT is so encouraging. tytytyty

  9. Hm….the fact that 7 years, 4 kids later…that I can say from the bottom of my heart that I just love my man. We’ve been through so many ups and downs, but my best wife quality is that I’ve remained true and authentic to who I am….and in keeping with the sparkle God gave me when He made me….helps me to continue to love him with daily new manna love, not day old love from yesterday….I’m still sassy, crazy, fun, after 7 years of marriage with 4 toddlers running around…but we still make time for crazy nympho ideas. 🙂

  10. I make him laugh and tell him I love him (and more than once for both) every single day

  11. Being attentive to his needs.. No matter what the need is from helping him get ready for his day to just giving him space when he needs it.

  12. No one else could ever love my husband like I do.. I love him utterly and completely, flaws and all. He makes me a better, stronger person.. and hopefully I do the same for him. ❤

  13. I think now since we’ve gone through a major change, i’ll never say no to him, and we’re moving to a high frequency sex life, and he absolutely loves that i’m all for it with a loving attitude.

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