Interview With a “Feet” Couple (Part 2)

This is part two of an interview we started last week. If you missed part one, then click here: Interview With a “Feet” Couple (Part 1)


6. Do you prefer bare feet or do you have an attraction of feet in stockings or socks too?

Hubby: It depends on my mood. For the most part, her bare pedicured feet are wonderful, but then there are other times where a nice pair of fishnet ankle socks or even a simple pair of nude knee highs is a wonderful treat. The texture and scent of stockings are sometimes just that added little touch that makes her feet that much more exciting.

Shoes are also fun. My wife has several pairs of shoes that she has never worn out of the bedroom. These can be a pair of simple ballerina flats, or her three inch Lucite heels which are by far my favorite pair!

Wife: I personally prefer bare feet. I don’t mind stockings and nylons but I prefer natural looking feet and legs and I especially prefer to be barefoot. I do occasionally put on stockings or nylons to arouse my husband and add spice to our sex life.

7. Do you bathe your feet before using them in a sexual act or is this not important?

Hubby: I would answer this question by countering with the question; do you always wash your hands or take a shower before a sexual act? I would be willing to wager that not everyone does and when it comes right down to the heat of the moment who really pauses the action to go take a shower? I believe that this question falls into the misconception that feet are inherently dirty. However, think about the last place your hands went on an average day; cleaning up the kid’s messes, diapers, or perhaps cleaning up the pet accidents or even the toilet. Feet merely take us where we need to go. My wife always wears sandals or slippers in the house and is only barefoot in the bedroom, so her feet remain relatively clean. On the off chance that she happens to have stepped into something, I will grab a wash cloth and lovingly clean off the soles of her feet.

I can state with confidence that I have never received a fungal infection in my mouth from kissing her feet or sucking her toes, nor have I ever contracted any type of athlete’s foot in my genital area from foot sex., so I believe that feet are just as clean, if not cleaner than say our hands are.

Wife: I personally don’t bath my feet other then when I take a shower. I usually wear slippers, sneakers or sandals that protect my feet. If I do go barefoot it is only in the house where the floors are usually clean. If on occasion I do get them dirty my husband will clean them for me or I will wash them really quick. I personally don’t think that this is important because to me feet are not that dirty. You can look at people who use their hands during sex; does the wife wash her hands before sex? Probably not and if you think about what a typical mother does during the day like wiping kids noses, changing diapers, fixing dinner, cleaning the house, doing laundry, taking care of sick kids, pets and the house. How clean is her hand during sex? A husband is the same way. Oral sex is the same thing; does anyone brush their teeth before oral sex? Or shower and clean below the waist before oral sex? Another reason I don’t wash my feet before sex is that the aroma of the foot after a day of work or life is part of the allure for those who like feet.

8. Besides the usual walking, standing, etc and sexual uses for your feet, do you do anything else with your feet? (eat, write, etc)

Hubby: My wife can pet the dog with her feet, which leaves me thinking at that exact moment, I wish I were the dog, but other than that, she really doesn’t do anything unusual. Her feet have become very dexterous over the years due to manipulating certain parts of me, so she is quite capable of picking up objects with them rather easily.

Wife: I personally don’t use my feet to write or eat. I do use them to pick up some objects off the floor so I don’t have to bend over or pet the dog with my feet. I do use them to tease my husband and make sure my nails are painted especially bright colors in the summer.

9. What is your favorite foot technique?

Hubby: I guess I would have to say that my favorite things would be anything that my wife does with her feet to flirt with me when we are out and about. She often kicks off her sandals and drives barefoot during the summer months because she knows that I love to watch her feet working the pedals. On the off chance that I am at the wheel, she will instead put her bare feet up on the dash just to see if I am paying attention. While waiting in the car for the kids to get out of school, she will often kick off her shoes and place her feet in my lap to sneak in a quick foot massage before they are out for the day. When we are apart for just a little while, she will often send me a text message from her phone with a little picture of her feet to remind me that she is thinking of me.

Wife: My favorite foot technique is more about using several different ones. My husband and I came up with what we call the cradle position during foot sex. I also like to use my toes to encase my husband and stroke certain spots to please him. I personally love rubbing my feet in his face during sexual encounters as well.

10. What do you suggest to a couple who one spouse isn’t comfortable using their feet for sexual acts, but the other wants it?

Hubby: The first thing I would emphatically state is take it slow. Societal pressures and even our theology can cause us to put on blinders temporarily in which we believe that something is wrong sexually just because it isn’t necessarily what everyone else does. You should never force a spouse to do something that they are not comfortable with. But at the same time, letting a relationship founder over liking feet is equally harmful without a spouse attempting to make an effort to understand it. Talk openly and more specifically discuss why you like feet and what about your spouse’s feet turns you on. Don’t wait until months or even years into the relationship to admit you like feet. If you have not been honest about it, come clean immediately. Communicate openly and start slowly perhaps with a foot massage and even some light toe sucking or foot kissing when both parties are comfortable. Progress slowly and eventually you can both find that feet are inherently sexual in nature. Learning to embrace foot sex doesn’t come naturally for some. It requires patience and understanding. But once you let go of your inhibitions and preconceived notions and embrace it, you will find that it can be something that binds you closer as a couple because you have grown, nurtured and learned to accept something that is uniquely your own that perhaps others cannot fathom.

Above all educate yourselves and learn to understand why feet used to be considered sexual in nature. During my years of research into the origins of those who like feet, I was able to discover that feet were an important part of sex in the ancient world. For example, in his work the Erotika Biblion, author Mirabeau tells us that Greek and Middle Eastern wives perfected techniques passed down in which they learned the skill of using their feet to gently manipulate the male genitals and provoke orgasm. William Rossi writes that it was also a common practice by wives of the ancient cultures of the Greece, Japan and throughout Asia. Education is the main reason my wife and I run a blog called Foot Fetish 101 which seeks to enlighten those who maybe new to the whole notion of feet in the bedroom. To gain further insight we would also recommend the book entitled, the sex life of the foot and shoe by William A Rossi which can be found for under $10 on

Wife: As I have said on my blog and to other people on the Marriage Bed, take it slow. Make sure you are open, honest and understanding. Start slow with maybe a foot massage, gentle kissing, and a lot of talking about how you feel and how she feels about foot sex. Some people just don’t understand it so do research to get informed. There is mention of foot adoration in India, Rome, Greece, Egypt, China and it is even mentioned a time or two in the bible. The key is not going to fast or forcing either party to do something they are not comfortable with. If the guy is the one who is interested and the woman is hesitant, try doing a loving massage, a pedicure and talking about how feet make you feel or why you are attracted to them. Be open to answering her questions about your attraction to her feet. For a woman who enjoys having her feet touched, it is a little different. You need to explain that it increases your pleasure, how you like your feet touched and try to see if your husband is willing to explore different variations of sexual encounters to experience the benefits of foot sex. He may not be attracted to feet but he might still like the foot sex experience. Most importantly keep an open mind. There is nothing wrong with foot sex. An attraction to feet is just like an attraction to the butt, breasts, chest hair on men, tattoos and ripped abs.

Many thanks to this couple for taking the time to answer these questions fully and honestly, and for giving us some insight into what it’s like to involve feet in your marriage bed!


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  1. I’m surprised that there haven’t been any comments about this. My husband loves my feet. He doesn’t talk about them very often, but he loves my toenails painted. In the bedroom, he will kiss my toys, and I find it highly erotic if he sucks on one of my toes. He also loves it if I put my feet on his chest. I do it to tease him and it always turns him on more. Sometimes during intercourse I’ll put my feet on his calves which always get an appreciative response. For the first time last week, he wanted me to touch his genitals with my foot and I didn’t find anything odd about that request. I guess to me, I just view it as another way to touch and connect with him.

    We haven’t ever done foot sex, and he doesn’t massage or touch my feet often. But he will comment when I take the time to paint them and in the summer when I wear sandals he always comments on how cute my feet are.

    This is an interesting interview! I may just have to ask him to talk about this more and see if he would like me to use them more!

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