Weekly poll #66: Genital hair and your hubby


  1. honestly, i don’t really care, as long as the area is clean LOL

  2. I picekd the third option because once he did trim it and the prickliness made me very uncomfortable!

  3. I like it the way he is naturally. He has shaved it a time or tow and quite honestly I think it looks funny. I had to try very hard not to giggle. (I know bad)

  4. Definitely “au naturale” – especially after the one time he tried to groom himself ended with a “girly scream” (his words) and a little accident with the scissors! LOL

  5. I would like to see him shaved, he goes au naturale. I can understand why having thick hair myself and knowing the itch of growing pubic hair back.
    I don’t know which is my favourite as I haven’t seen the shaved version.;)

  6. Definitely shaved bald! I’ve been a “baldie” for years and have no intention of going back to hair. I love being completely smooth. My two sisters shave as well. During a recent visit, my mom saw me naked and commented on my baldness. I encouraged her to give it a try which she did that morning and loves it (she actually spent the rest of that morning in her bedroom masturbating because she loved the look and feel so much, she couldn’t keep her hands off of it : ) …… but I digress). Anyway, my husband has always loved my bald kitty and I encouraged him to give it a try a few months back. He loves it and so do I. Smooth on smooth is the way to go! We also find it neater and cleaner in the house. Just think: no pubes lying around. Ever! : )

    He was a little bit self conscious going to the doctor for the first time, but the doc said that he sees a lot of men now with no pubic hair. For women, it’s the norm, he said (he hardly ever sees bush). My sisters have gotten their husbands to shave as well and love the look and feel too. I’m sure my mom will have my dad follow suit too : )

  7. I like him trimmed up not shaven, he gets really bad razor burn when he has shaved, and the stubble is just not the funest, if that’s how u spell it(grinding is not fun with stubble, if you can imagine grinding on sand paper ouch!). And also I didn’t really like how it looked. I think that’s kinda more of a girl thing, well in my opinion ;). But I also don’t like it all grown out and crazy either, I like to give my man OS but all that hair gets in the way and also hides his beautiful parts. So the best thing for us is when it trimmed short and soft, offers a great visual, almost like the shaved version but doesn’t look “funny” also makes OS easier and I have to stop less I. The middle of it to pick out hairs from my teeth lol.

  8. I agree. trimmed (but he doesn’t use scissors as previously posted- ouch!, he uses his electric shaver that has different heads for a closer trim). I like the soft feeling and def makes the whole situation more pleasant for oral. Plus hubby says he likes being trimmed up nicely – makes him feel cleaner.

  9. AMEN TO THAT!!!!

  10. My husband will shave for special occasions or just to spice things up, and as it grows back, it gets prickly, and can indeed be painful.

  11. Oh, he’s all natural. He just keeps it trimmed. His pubic hair is remarkably soft, almost silky. I think that’s why he likes it so long! Honestly, it is beautiful. His is so much nicer, finer, softer than mine!!!

  12. Just keeping it cleaned up and neat is fine. No biggy no matter what it is always an eye catching area no matter what.

  13. This totally made my day… I agree, Shaved bald is the way to go.. smooth on smooth is very sexy!

  14. We’re both smooth. Something we agreed on before we got married. One night after sex we were in the shower cleaning up, and I asked him if keeping it clean down there was worth the effort. I don’t remember his answer specifically, but he keeps it pretty clean. Even jokes about what it’ll take to maintain it that way :p.

  15. Just wondering if you have any experience with brazilian waxes. I usually shave but I’ve been considering getting the area waxed. It seems like it might be kind of an awkward and painful experience. Just wondering if anyone has had experiences with it and if they would recommend it.

  16. I talked with hubby yesterday and he asked me if I could help him shave down there. I said “You guide, I’ll help :)”. I know for some it may sound gross, but if you keep your mind open to trying new things, it could be something fun and that brings you closer together :).

  17. Hubby and I are both shaved bald. I’ve been smooth for about 6 years now and my hubby has been smooth for about a year. From the moment I started shaving it all off, I absolutely loved it! Not sure why it took me so long to suggest that hubby shave too but I’m glad I did. My hubby is all tree and no bush LOL. So sexy!

    Great site by the way!. I’ve learned so much from you CN gals! Thanks!

  18. I think I would rather save up the money and have it lasered. Possibly less painful and hopefully it does not grow back. I do not think I could handle the waxing.

  19. Definately trimmed short
    (about 1cm). long enough that it’s not prickly and short enough so i’m not picking pubic hair out of my mouth, yuck!!!lol

  20. My hubby hasn’t had to go to the doctor since he started shaving it all off. He has his first appointment next week. He’s a little apprehensive and self conscious about the doctor seeing him completely bare down there. I know that bald is the norm for women but what about for men? Is it common or still a little unusual? Should my hubby even care what the doc thinks? For those of you whose husbands are completely smooth, have they ever gone to the doctor looking like that? Or how about the changeroom at a fitness centre? Do they see a lot of other men with no pubic hair?

  21. He has been shaving completely bald from the beginning of our marriage since I don’t like pubic hair on him. I did the same for me some years later for me and we both love the softness of our intimate parts.

  22. Chloe,although my DH doesn’t shave bald I would think dr’s see many things in their time of doctoring, who knows, the dr himself may do the same thing. I know a couple of months back I had to have my pap smear done, it was the first time I had my examination half shaved in my pubic region, she (a female dr) didn’t even batter an eyelid, it helped me to keep in mind that she was a dr doing job but her oppionion of my “shaving” technique was of no consequence to me, that made it so much easier.

  23. Yeah, I suppose you’re right. Why be embarrassed? Why care what a Dr. or anyone else thinks, for that matter. “It’s my pubic hair; I can do whatever I like with it”, right? It wouldn’t surprise me if the bald trend is catching on with men too. My sis is an ultrasound tech. and she says most women keep it bald (she hardly ever sees bush). If women love it, why wouldn’t a guy love it too. My hubby loves me bald; he finds it extremely sexy! And I love him bald too. I know I will never go back to having hair on my coochie (I would get it lasered off permanently if I could afford it) and I don’t think my hubby will go back to having hair either. We just love the look and the feel. As someone already said, smooth on smooth is the way to go.

  24. never really thought about it until recently…but i guess thinking bout it, certainly the second option.

  25. To all you “baldies” out there: I’ve been doing some research on the Tria home laser hair removal and am intrigued. I would LOVE to be permanently smooth. Have any of you purchased the Tria? Does it work well? Are you now permanently bald? (i.e. no more shaving, waxing, plucking, lasering etc.). Are you glad you bought it?

  26. I am curious as well? Anyone have any insight?

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