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Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


Today I will pray for my husband in the area of …



  1. his sexual confidence. It is actually a prayer we say together often, sometimes even in the midst of making love. He has an issue that he is trying to overcome, and I think it causes him shame (even though it really shouldn’t in my opinion). I try to reassure him and am always very sensitive to his feelings on this issue. It would satisfy us both so much more if God would help him overcome this issue.

  2. well he is the JV football coach and truly amazing with those boys so on Fridays I have begun adding a game day prayer that he is able to continue to inspire the best in his team as a fabulous role model, that no one is injured in the game and that he coaches and they play in a way to be proud of.

    You CN ladies have inspired me to pray for him daily. I kind of never thought of a daily blessing for him before and I am so glad that you have made me realize how great it is to connect to him through God in this way. Thanks!

  3. I pray for my husband by praying for me to be a better wife. I pray to be trustworthy with all his hopes and dreams so that his heart will trust me as long as i live. I pray to be his biggest fan and most loyal confidant. I pray to always be in his corner so that when the world beats him down, I can stand him up, dust him off and send him back out with encouragement and hope on our mission from God.

  4. …for his safety on his job as a police officer, him to grow close to God, to have a mentor, to avoid temptation, and to come home more in love with me than he left that morning!

  5. his health and safety, for his continued growth in faith, and his confidence in the giftings that God has placed inside of him.

  6. you are all the sweetest wives! Thanks over and over for this inspiration. This morning Dionne Warwick’s “Say a Little Prayer for You” kept running through my head and I thought about this sentence starter. and all you loving ladies.

  7. Self confidence. He needs it so much. It is really sad since he is such a great man. Good looking, great body, good at sports, great in bed. I mean the list could just keep going on and on.

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