Monday’s Mission #122

Your mission this week is to pop a peppermint altoid into your mouth just before going down on your husband. The minty sensation is an experience your husband won’t soon forget. Be aware that having PIV sex after giving oral with something sugary can mess with the PH of your vagina so if you want to move from oral to vaginal sex, you may want to wash him off first.


  1. Tried this. H didn’t love it. Didn’t dislike it either but thought that it prolonged the whole experience.

  2. I tried this too and he just said it didn’t do anything for him.

  3. Have to agree. The “minty sensation he won’t soon forget? Well, he forgot it and very quickly!

  4. mints didn’t work for us either, but I have a cinnamon flavored lube called “Good Head” that he absolutely LOVES because of the tingly sensation (and also just because he gets more oral sex since I bought it!!) and I enjoy as well — tastes like Big Red gum!! :o)

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