Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


I feel really sexy whenever I put on ________.



  1. Mascara and perfume.

  2. Stillettos!

  3. in whatever i’m wearing … when i walk passed a “skinny” mirror.

  4. A black lace bra and panties, or jeans that fit well and look good!

  5. my “lovin” playlist and my new back lace babydoll I got from VS.

  6. anything that fits well and flatters my figure masking any lumps i may have
    makeup when i take the time to do it
    sexy bra & panties sets

  7. I don’t ever feel sexy I think it has to do with my husband never acting like I’m sexy when I dress up for him and thinking that every time I do for him he’s interested but he won’t do for me because he views it as a chore:(. He told me he does

  8. when we first got married my dh set me right on the 5 things most men don’t care a lick about but we think they do…

    eye lashes, shoes(unless that’s all I’m wearing), perfume, manicures, lipstick.

    The sexiest thing I can put on? Confidence. It works every time.

  9. My Levi’s jeans and high heels or boots.

  10. My red dress and high heels.

  11. I feel really sexy when I go all out and dress for my man. I love it when we go out to dinner and I wear a form fitting dress with high heels and some surprises underneath. My DH loves it when I wear a sheer bra and panties coupled with garters and stockings. We both love lingerie so much and include it in a lot of our play time. I love it too when my DH wears some silky undies for me, knowing that he did it for me.

  12. yes! so true….

  13. tight jeans and or heels that “click” when i walk in them. 🙂

  14. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry bought during our honeymoon. And my trench coat. But I feel much more sexy when I straighten my hair (seeing it’s naturally wavy and I’m not a huge fan of it that way). I guess it makes me feel foxy, plus I can do the Jessica Rabbit thing (obscure one eye) with my hair much more easily ;).

  15. Ari_chan the first movie H and I saw together was Who Framed Roger Rabbit! Thanks for taking me back there. 🙂

  16. No problem! Forgot to add my sunglasses to the list. Ain’t nothing that can add an aura of mystery quite like hiding the windows to the soul ;).

    Of course, right now it’s winter where I am so wearing sunglasses this time of year would be kinda weird. Or would it…

  17. These lil booty short panty things my husband loves. He is a total butt man. Which is really great since I have no boobs. LOL

  18. My lace VS thongs with jeans and heals! 🙂

  19. Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works and my wedding stillettos which are about 4 inches. That’s my hubby’s favorite scent and favorite shoes!

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