Monday’s Mission #123

Your mission this week is take more time to kiss when you are home together. Be intentional about giving kisses when you greet and say goodbye. Take time to stop what you are doing to give unexpected kisses and let some of those kisses linger that would usually be quick ones. Just enjoy kissing a little more than normal this week.


  1. “My husband was home for a week, due to an emergency with his mom. He has been about 1k miles away working for a few weeks.

    The one thing that I noticed that changed when he got home is that he kissed me. The kisses were long and hard and so passionate.

    Now that he is gone again, the passion is still there. Those kisses lingered…the bad part he is homesick, and I’m wanting him in my bed every night.

  2. have totally been intentinal in the smooching department and can recommend it heartily! This was a great mission!

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