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There is one thing my husband owns and loves, but I secretly wish it would mysteriously find its way to the trash can. It is his ____________.



  1. This is so funny that this was today’s sentence starter! My husband was ransacking the house this morning trying to find his beloved (and disgustingly dirty) hat. I wish I could post a picture. It is so raggedy and faded, not to mention so dirty. He wears it any chance he gets and I’d dearly love it if it got too close to a candle someday. 😀

  2. I wish my husband’s cut-off sweatpants shorts with the ripped out crotch would totally disappear. I have threatened to toss them many times, but he won’t agree yet. One time he actually wore them to the store with a big tear and string hanging down from his bum– of course he ran into someone we knew!! (At least he no longer wears them in public.)

  3. …holey t-shirts. He has about 3 that he’s had since high school – he says they are extremely comfortable but the holes just make me want to scream! So when I wash them I hide them at the bottom of his drawers. He finds them eventually, but in the interim he doesn’t think about them and I get a little bit of a break 😉

  4. … collection of stuffed, talking taco bell dogs. Normally this guy has good taste and is completely reasonable. But dang those things are ugly. And annoying. And they’re scrawny rat dogs. He thinks they’re adorable. And every time we see my in-laws, the hubby comes home with more of them. We moved recently and he even went to the trouble of counting them to make sure none conveniently get “lost.” Drives me nuts!

  5. I’m sensing a theme here, LOL! Mine is his leather jacket. It’s not a regular leather jacket, that would be fine…it’s an old welding jacket. And it has seen much better days! But he loves it so much, I just can’t argue with him about it.

  6. He has a pair of jeans that has a couple of stains from oil I think. I don’t want them thrown out they are great to wear around here for doing things like changing oil but he wears them in public. He won’t exchange them for new ones though. Sigh.

  7. Two words. Skinny jeans. He wears them everyday I just think they look funny on men. Lol

  8. his procrastination. 😉

    nah, he IS a packrat, but there isn’t one thing that he just loves and i just hate, it’s just a general stack of old mags and papers that i want to toss and he doesn’t exactly want to… after biding my time AND tellng him to find a place or toss em, they usually get tossed 😉

  9. All of my husbands “logo” shirts. Everytime he orders tractor parts or something he gets a shirt from the company. We have an entire drawer full and its all he wears. The only time he doesn’t wear one is to church. But to small groups at the minister’s house? You better believe it!

  10. He doesn’t currently own anything like this but a few years ago he had this T-shirt that was basically the New Mexico flag. I didn’t mind the sirt so much except it was getting old and he was still wearing it with holes. I admit that I “Helped” a few of the holes get bigger when I would do laundry. He eventually got rid of it because the holes we too big. *embarrassed* 🙂 That was much earlier in our marriage I wouldn’t do that now.

  11. Oh Maureen i have done that same thing in the past and would TOTALLY still do that now if the situation was bad enough! 😆

  12. motorcycle : o
    (it scares me)

  13. I’m getting a good laugh out of this comment section. LOL 😀

    My husband inherited a VERY old piece of furniture from his grandfather. He loved it because it was “so comfortable.” At the beginning of our marriage I asked him if I could at least try to reupholster it. He agree and complimented me on how great it improved the look, but it really didn’t improve the monstrosity all that much IMO. Every couple of years I would casually mention that if he ever decided he was ready to let it go that I would be really OK with that.

    THEN I struck gold when we realized he was allergic to dust/dust mites and the chair was likely causing him to have nasal congestion every time he sat in it. It got transferred to the dump last year. Score!

  14. Maureen, I have done this too, except I made the hole bigger in the heat of the moment. I wish I could say I wouldn’t do it now, but like cumingirl I would. Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

  15. His old piece of knawed-off beaver wood. We have had this in our home for over 23 years, since our wedding day. I have tried to fit it in to our decour in numerous places around our home, but it just doesn’t fit in. I even placed a sheer white bow around it to try to pretty it up, but it still looks trashy. No matter what I do, it looks like a piece of wood from the yard. It is special to my husband, because it was given to him by a favorite uncle to remember their many camping trips together. The uncle has since passed away, but we still have the wood! I would appreciate any decorating ideas, that incorporate beaver wood, that may be offered.

  16. How big is it? Are you at least able to move it to the bedroom? I am thinking plants. Maybe get a trailing type plant like an ivy and put it in a wood pot and then trail the ivy over the wood? Sorry, it is the best I can think of.

  17. Still cracking up about people’s holey shirt stories, lol.

    The beaver wood- could you possibly, i dunno, find someone to make a carvng out of it? would your husband like that? Maybe it still wouldn’t fit in the decor, or maybe you could turn a special piece of junk into something nice to look at… If you don’t know anybody who’d be willing to do it cheap, it could be a pricey project, but it might be worth it as a very thoughtful solution to a problem. Or your husband might freak out that you messed up his wood 😉

  18. Gym shirts. Yellow nasty arm pits stains? Yuck!

  19. brown and tan shoes with the bleach stain.

  20. Yay I can answer this since I’m married now 🙂 My husband was born in a European country and they wear house slippers in his family, except they’re more like sandals… drives me crazy when he walks around in these sandals and is only wearing boxers–I dont understand the point haha!

  21. Ok, so the hilarious part of all these holey shirt stories is that *I* was the one with a holey shirt that I wouldn’t get rid of. Hubby has lots of worn out shirts but when they get bad, they get relegated to the “working on the car/motorcycle” pile. My holey shirt was given to me by a friend (before it had holes) and was the most thin, soft comfy t-shirt ever in this nasty pale yellow. I loved that shirt. I wore it to holeyness and then only wore it to bed. the dear man hated it. HATED it. Teased me endlessly. Maybe he made the holes bigger. By the time I accepted its demise, the poor thing had armpit holes to rival the armholes. 😛 I think it went to the garbage eventually.

  22. His xbox. Seriously what man would play halo while there is a naked woman trying to have sex with him?

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