Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


Whenever I think of my husband, I feel _______.



  1. Grateful!

  2. Gratitude, joy, overwhelming love. I am so blessed to have my husband, he truly compliments me with our differences. I honestly believe I have the best husband in the world–but then again, I might be a litle biased too 🙂

  3. Safe & adored.

  4. excited and loved. dh always takes such good care of me…

  5. Unbelievably blessed to have such an incredible man of God to share my life with.

  6. happiness, joy and truely blessed beyond measure. Lets not forget about how sexy he is, and I do mean SEXY!

  7. Overwhelmed with gratitude.

  8. complete acceptance and security, pleasure. i feel like i’m at home, because where he is is my home.

  9. ….safe :o)

  10. …unconditional love. There really isn’t just one word for this…for me it is also loved, adored, safe, secure…I could go on.

  11. content. He is the greatest blessing God has ever given me.

  12. how often I have taken him for granted when I shouldn’t have because God has blessed me with a fantastic husband who loves me and whom I love.

  13. blessed!

  14. like I am smiling all over.

  15. like evain from the movie “stardust”. ….like light eminates from my skin :}

  16. Loved and cared for.

  17. Gratitude and wondering if I can ever be as good of a mate as he is to me…

  18. Mmmmmmm I feel horny, loved, blessed. 🙂

  19. Sad….. It’s been over 2 years that he admitted to an affair he had for the first 5 years of our marriage. We had been married 11 years at the time I found out. Long story, anyways. I read this sentence starter and it revealed to me that I still have alot of healing I need from the Lord. Our marriage is better than it has ever been, but to be honest…most of the time I think of him….I feel sad. Sad for him and sad for me.

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