Monday’s Mission #125

Your mission this week is to leave a series of notes for him to find all starting with “I love your…” Make some of them serious and some of them steamy. Speak to all that he is physically and emotionally. Have fun!


  1. I did your mission. The DH is an airline pilot, left him a sexy little note in his hat. He missed it when he put it on, but the co-pilot didn’t cause it was hanging down the back of his head! We had a laugh about it but I’m in for a spanking when he comes back from his trip! Co-pilot is jealous…

  2. that is awesome Sophie!!!! 🙂
    Well my husbands likes those 5 hour energy drinks so i pack it for him with his lunch and i started packing an extra one that reminds him to drink it just as he leaves work so he has plenty of energy. he loved it!!!

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