Q&A: Yeast Infections and Vaginismus

I was married and moved to a foreign (3rd world) country a couple days later. My husband I were having great sex for about two weeks. I had no pain on the honeymoon (we were both virgins). Then I developed a yeast infection. Since the infection, intercourse (just the initial penetration) has been painful.

Will this go away? I’ve read a bit in your site on how vaginismus can be triggered by a yeast infection. If I’ve developed vaginismus, is it permanant? All the cures/remidies seem to involve going to a doctor and I don’t have the option of going to a doctor here, so I thought I’d write for advice. Thanks!

We received this letter from a woman and wanted to share the answer we provided her with in case it is of help to any other women suffering with this.

If you have access to sour cream or plain yogurt in the country you are in you should use it to treat the yeast infection. I advise that you eat it every day and also treat yourself topically with it. I would also be a good idea use it on your husband too so you don’t pass the infection back and forth. You can use it during sex, as well. Just make sure that if you opt to use yogurt that it is plain because the sugars in the flavored ones will not be helpful at all. They will actually increase the likelihood of having poor female health.

So for those who don’t have the limitations that this writer has of living in a third world country and not having access to common treatments available in developed nations, you might find this information helpful if you deal with frequent yeast infections or a particularly bad one. Just a helpful tip. 🙂


  1. Something else that has really helped me is hydrogen peroxide. I take a water bottle empty out 1/4 to a third of the water replace it with hydrogen peroxide and douche with it.

  2. I had a bad infecton one time and I did use yogurt it was gone within 1-2 days. I applied the yogurt to a tampon and left it in for bout 30-40 min works wonders!!!!

  3. I have to try the yogurt!! Seems like A Good choice. And Cheaper then those Medicated creams.

  4. Hi I am a Vag survivor!
    I went on honeymoon (not a virgin – long story maybe I’ll Q&A that some time) and having not been able to do anything for the first few nights I decided that I had a yeast infection, I treated it and it was slightly better but still had true pain when we made love. after a year of not doing much I went to the GP who sent me to the gyne (I’m in the UK) he said it was a ‘Christian’ guilt complex, ha!
    I then suffered from severe fibromyalgia which meant vag problems were made even worse, and my marriage suffered, though he is a very kind and understanding man there was nothing in our marriage, but firstly through prayer I was healed from the fibro, then through more prayer I was healed (mostly) from the vag. it is possible to get over/through it, there is physical therapy but prayer works !
    (and there are some great yahoo, support groups for Vag)

    Love Sal x

  5. There are several natural and cheap remedies that do work wonders! Here are the ones I’ve tried, with a few tips added:

    1. As stated, plain yogurt works well. The probiotics in it kill yeast. MAKE SURE that the yogurt you buy has NO SUGAR (flavored versions do) and NO CORNSTARCH (the lowfat versions often do) – both feed yeast. Or you can buy probiotic vaginal suppositories (although I’ve never tried it). From what I can tell, you need to insert it vaginally but trying to use a tampon for that was just a mess – the best solution I’ve found? The turkey baster. Just make sure that when you apply yogurt topically, you rinse it off after 5-15 minutes. I made the mistake of leaving it on there (while wearing a pad) all day. This is counterproductive as yeast love warm, moist places – I just made it moist-er (if you will :P). And you can’t imagine the itchiness and general uncomfortableness of being slimy all day.

    2. Insert a peeled garlic clove into the vagina. It is cheap and available in a lot of places. Dairy may not be so easy to come by in a 3rd world country. Garlic kills yeast. It sounds disgusting, but it works. I was afraid that I might smell like an Italian kitchen all day, but I honestly couldn’t smell it. I was also concerned about it “getting lost” inside of me, but it tends to work its own way out of your body in a few hours.

    3. My personal favorite: put a few drops of olive oil on the tip of a tampon. Now add a few drops of tea tree oil (antibacterial and antifungal). (If you don’t have olive oil, you can just use the tea tree, the olive oil is really just to keep the tea tree oil from soaking into the tampon – but it works without it too). Insert tampon. Repeat twice a day (for me, when I get up and before bed). This clears up infections for me in a day or two. Be careful though, some people are very sensitive to tea tree and it can cause a burning sensation on sensitive skin (does not happen to me, but I’ve heard about it). Problem is: you can’t use it while pregnant, as the effects of tea tree oil on fetuses is unknown, which is why I’ve had to try the other methods. Otherwise, this is my default remedy – the results are quick and the process is fast and clean.

    4. Coconut oil: While this did not clear up the infection completely – it did help. The oil supposedly smothers the yeast and also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Mostly it suppressed the itching and pain – which was helpful. However, I ended up having to combine it with other remedies to get it to work fully. I WILL use it again though – because not itching while you are trying to clear up the infection rocks! Just put it on and leave it there – this does not have the same effect as being wet or yogurty – it’s not itchy or uncomfortable and does not contribute to yeast growth.

    5. This is not really a remedy as much as it’s a tip: keep yourself as dry as possible…for example: wear cotton panties or go commando. If you do have sex, wash and dry immediately afterwards (at least until the infection has cleared). Just make sure your hubby wears protection – or, like someone else said, you could be passing the infection back and forth – trust me – that is not fun for either of you!

    6. Eat less sugar and more probiotics. Candida (the yeast) can be a systemic problem – usually flaring up from the gut. Sugar feeds candida. Which is why the first responder recommended eating the yogurt too. Replenishing your gut with probiotics can help keep Candida under control.

    Good luck and happy sex life!

  6. I have ALWAYS struggled with yeast infections. There are three things I always try before I head to the drugstore.

    1. Yogurt- I either use it out of the cartoon, or freeze it in a tampon applicator. The cooling sensation is well appreciated.
    2. Apple Cider Vinegar- diluted and used as a douche.
    3. Baking Soda- Sitting in the bath tub with warm water and baking soda.

    I’ve have great success with all I’ve these methods. I have recently started using OTC supplements and vaginal cleansers that maintain a healthy pH.

  7. I too have used the turkey baster and plain yogurt. It does work! As does the vinegar, either as a douche or in a bath/sitz bath. Also, I use acidophilus as an oral supplement. It seems to work great at killing the yeast from the inside-out, while the other suggestions help by killing the yeast on the outside of the body.

  8. I ran across this post today and thought I would comment. I am a Christian and my husband and I waited to have intercourse until our honeymoon. We were unable to consummate our marriage for several weeks and then when we did it was very painful. After a year I was diagnosed with Vaginismus and then a year after that (just a month ago) I went to the Womens Therapy Center in New York and was cured! Praise the Lord! I am sharing because if there is anyone who has this condition- do not suffer in silence. The Lord does not desire for anyone to have a sex-free or painful sex life. The Lord allows vaginismus to happen so that He can ultimately get the glory. Since I have returned from treatment a month ago- many women have contacted me saying they also have vaginismus and I am starting a local support group. I never would’ve have those ministries if it wasn’t for God allowing me to go through this.

  9. I have been suffering with yeast infection since 2008 (the year I got married) I’ve visited many doctors, used many medications and it keeps on coming back after a few months, this is frustrating me out. My last visit to my Dr. cost a little over $2500 including medication for both my DH and I. Right now the only thing that helps for a few hours is supericort cream. Any advice?

  10. I used to have big problems with this when I first got married it was very depressing!!! Anyways over time it got better but what I was gonna tell you I got a real bad one over the summer and I read online about using yogurt! I know it sounds gross but let me tell you the infection was gone in 2 days better after one night!!! What I did was get plain vanilla yogurt make sure it has live cultures I think I bought the all natural kind I put it on a tampon and inserted it for the night. Actually it feels very soothing when you put it in because it seems to burn and itch so much with the infection! I left it in all night then changed it in the morning! i felt so much better the next day I didn’t put another one in until the next night. I put about a Tbls on the tampon try it and see you might need more or less but I’m telling you it works and its cheap!!!! Good luck hope it helps you!

  11. Carrie, I would LOVE to know more about what cured you of Vaginismus. I have been married for almost 4 years, discovering that I had V. after about the first 6 months. I purchased a dilator set, but have still been unable to overcome V. due to the pain. I now believe the pain is mostly due to an imbalanced bacterial/ yeast ecosystem in my vagina. So I need to start treating that. But it’s really taken its toll on our marriage. Just curious on any help you may be able to offer. Thank you so much for commenting here. I was feeling quite discouraged when I began to research this tonight. 🙂

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