Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


The smell of _________ is a turn on for me!



  1. His beautiful man parts!! Just seeing them or smelling them is enough to get me all aroused!! He smells soo good to me. Yummy!! Lol

  2. mmmm Perry Ellis “Reserve” for men. Got a bottle for it as a gift for the hubby while we were engaged. Every time he wears it… yum… 🙂

  3. Mens cologne, mens deodorant, and mens bodywash – especially anything with a musk, woodsy or outdoor scent. I really like Obsession and Curve cologne 🙂

  4. old spice pure sport deodorant. i’ve been known to wear his deodorant sometimes when i want to smell him and he’s not around….

  5. My husband . . . just the mix of Old Spice and shampoo and clean laundry and *him* . . . ROWR.

  6. the smell of … freshly showered !!!

  7. His deodorant!! It’s just like the commercials hehe

  8. Our “sensual” jasmine vanilla candle and jasmine vanilla massage oil from Bath and Body Works. One whiff and I’m ready to go.

  9. adidas moves!!!!!!!!!!

  10. DH’s sweat. I love it when he just smells a little sweaty and his skin is salty.

  11. just the smell of him. Not sure what the combination is, but it’s wonderful.

  12. i have to agree with hisbabe. old spice pure sport is the best masculine and yet still sweet. a perfect mixture to get things stirred up :o)

  13. his natural scent

  14. me too! glad someone else likes their man’s natural scent best 🙂

  15. You go Hispepper! I hear you on that one…. nothing like it!

  16. this my sound wierd but when my man comes home and he is a little sweaty from working OH MY GOODNESS!

  17. My husband uses Old Spice body wash AND deodorant, and I LOVE them. I sometimes use his body wash just to enjoy the smell! Really, I think it is less their fragrance and more my mental association of his scent with sex, though.

  18. How my hubby smells right after a shower. Just the smell of his soap, shampoo and the things he uses after. It always makes me think of making love with him.

  19. Heck yeah! Same for me… Love my hubby’s “fruit” – the smell, taste, sight.

  20. Right there with you, honey!

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