Monday’s Mission #126

Your mission this week is to give your husband a blow job or hand job while he is relaxing in one evening. Surprise him with an all for him experience. You might even want to dress in something that he finds especially sexy. A low cut top, lingerie, nothing at all?


  1. What if he wont let you? My husband doesn’t like oral sex or handjobs–he only likes intercourse….we’ve talked about it, and he said that maybe in time he’ll be open to it, but for now, it grosses him out
    then there’s me, I’m all for it. So, can I try it anyway or would it be better to wait for him to tell me it’s okay?

  2. I’d wait. If there were something sexual that you really didn’t want to do and he just started doing it would it help your relationship? There is probably a reason he doesn’t want you to do it. Maybe you could ask why.

  3. If you really would like to do it to him, let him know it is a turn on for you. You might also want to let him know you would really like to do it to him, so much so that you would fulfill ANYof his fantasies. That should get him thinking and in time he will come around.

  4. My man loves these Monday Missions! I got him Tuesday night. He was relaxing in the easy chair with his feet up I. It started with a kiss (an intention filled one 😉 ) then I put down his feet and he knew what was up and uhhh so did I 😉

    He thought about it all day yesterday and when he told me that I couldn’t think of much else either.

    Thank You!!!

  5. i have only just read this so its a bit late also we have no curtains in our living room but i’ll see what i can do

  6. I did this last night while he was on the phone!! It was really fun to watch him try to concentrate on his conversation!!

  7. We’re kinda opposite of you two. I love giving OS but have no desire to receive it. He loves receiving and I know he’d give it if I were at all interested.

    There’s nothing worse than being guilted into trying something you arent’ comfortable with, so I’d say wait until he gives you the ok.

  8. My husband read about what you did to your hubby and decided to turn the tables. Last night after my nightly soak in the tub, I threw on a tshirt and prepared to settle in for the night. I thought I would give my mom a quick call to say hello and that’s when my husband decided to put his plan into action. While I was on the phone, he proceeded to go down on me. I was pushing him away and giving him a loving “not now” look. But he wasn’t going to listen. He had easy access because I never wear panties at night, just a tshirt. I soon realized that resistance was futile (and , to be 100% honest, I didn’t really want him to stop at that point––hee hee). My hubby got me to the point where he knew I was really aroused and then got up and whispered “Okay, if you really want me to stop, I will.” I gave him a “don’t you dare stop” kinda look and motioned for him to get back down there and finish what he started. With an ear to ear to ear grin on his face, he did. And then I had an ear to ear grin on my face LOL. Anyway, imagine talking to your mom while in the heights of pleasure and trying to be really quiet to boot! Not easy, let me tell you. But what fun we had. Thanks for giving my husband the idea! : )

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