Weekly poll #71: Which of the following would you wear in public outside of the bedroom?

Choose as many as you would like.  Which of these would you/have you worn outside of the bedroom?


  1. At one time or another I have worn all of these, some in combination with the others.

  2. There should be an option for all of the above. I think that any of those could be worn modestly (yes even the corset or bustier if worn properly). I chose Other.

  3. I only HAVE worn a thong but that’s only because I have only recently began to create my “sex pot” wardrobe. Once I have them I will wear all of the above out but subtly so that even my DH doesn’t know until I whisper in his ear that I have a surprise just for him hidden under my demure exterior. hehehehe

  4. All of the above.

  5. I have done three of the selections, would do the others and have gone commando so I picked everything 🙂 Now I just have to find a corset or bustier that fits the girls so I can do that one for hubby 😉

  6. I have worn all of them. My DH LOVES lingerie. I think we should ask how many of them MEN have worn these in the bedroom. My DH loves to wear lingerie as well. I have to admit, it’s a turn on to see him in a pair of sexy bikinis and thigh hi’s. It certainly spices up our private life!

  7. I too have worn them all. Corset/Bustier is something I enjoy wearing under a business-type suit. Garter belt and stockings or thigh-highs are something I regularly wear because I enjoy nylons. I always enjoyed nylons but since my DH is a big fan, I wear them much more often (almost daily) if possible.

  8. I regularly wear garter belts with stockings and thigh-highs, even to church. I have some problems w/ candida and it makes everything more “breathable.” I have not even owned regular pantyhose for several years. Besides, my DH is a leg man, and it drives him wild when I wear stockings.

    I agree with the modesty issue (I’m not flashing the tops to anyone but my beloved.) I highly recommend a six strap garter belt with metal clips if you’re going to wear these regularly, as they hold up much better and are much more durable than those with plastic clips. Those are best saved for the bedroom.

  9. Sometimes I will pick my husband up from work wearing nothing but a long coat (in other words, naked under my coat). My husband loves it when I do this. But he’s not the only one. Actually, I get really turned on doing it too. There is something exhilarating, something sexy, (maybe a little of the naughty factor too) about being completely naked except for a coat. No one but my husband knows what lies underneath. Sometimes my husband and I have gone grocery shopping with me dressed (or not dressed) this way too. It’s a great way to turn the doldrums of grocery shopping into something fun and exciting!

  10. I haven’t worked up the nerve to go shopping with just a coat. I have went to hubby’s work with a trench coat and lingerie underneath more than once. It’s a nice surprise for him

  11. This is an interesting poll but it made me wonder how many wives wear the above things while ML. My DH loves it when I wear nylon (pantyhose, thigh highs, stockings with garter belts) in public which I do for him from time to time. But he also loves it when I wear thigh highs while ML. Do others wear nylons while ML or only for foreplay?

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