Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


When I want to relax I know that ________ will help.



  1. A nice massage! Hubby’s a licensed massage therapist 🙂

  2. A nice warm bath!

  3. When my husband rubs my back with just his finger tips very softly, and plays with my hair. Then I feel like I can fall asleep like a baby!! Lol

  4. a cup of tea a good book and H reading on the other end of the couch

  5. same here – a massage from hubby, or even just some cuddling will do it.

  6. A hot bath. If followed by a massage I melt.

  7. definately a massage I love them or a back rub

  8. Cuddles in a candlelit room and his undivided attention…

  9. having all the chores done. I can’t relax if there’s still more to do! I want to be completely done with my daily chores before relaxing!

  10. Me too!!!

  11. A warm cuddle and a back rub.

  12. Me three!

  13. A hot bubble bath and romantic guitar music.

  14. a good love making session ❤

  15. Yep, cuddling with my hubby causes my stress to release almost instantly! Laying down in my bed does the same thing. So many happy emotions are tied to that bed, so I can’t be in it and feel stressed. 😉 If it has been a particularly draining day, I will text my husband to get rum or vodka on his way home and we make a few drinks after the kids are in bed, and play a game or something.

  16. A G&T, then love making!

  17. For both of us, the #1 relaxer seems to be coming, but for me especially. He has other things he enjoys like foot massages, back massages, video games, etc… But for me it’s either hanging out with a group of friends or having sex. 😉

  18. a neck and shoulder massage does the trick every time.

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